20 Most Trending Baby Shower Decoration Items in 2021

20 Most Trending Baby Shower Decoration Items in 2021

Baby Shower Decorations & Party Supplies in 2021

One of the most valuable bonds for every couple after their marriage is the journey to parenthood. The phase of parenthood comes with lots and lots of celebrations as well as happiness. From family members, relatives to your dearest friends, everyone unites together to celebrate your new journey towards parenthood and the joyous news of the new member arriving into your family. Welcoming the to-be baby during the baby shower is considered one of the traditions in India which have been celebrated for ages. This even to welcome the tiny feet and palm is known as Godhbharai in India when all the family unites together to shower blessing and lots of love to the expected mother and the soon coming child.

No matter what kind of celebration you are looking for for your baby shower, a perfect theme for this day helps you coordinate with everything starting from the first essential thing that is baby shower decorations. Baby shower themes are among the most fun planning for this special occasion. Some baby shower decorations seem to be always stylish while some prefer keeping it minimal and elegant.

If you are wishing to go with some trendy and stylish baby shower decoration and maybe want something more classic too, we have gathered some of our favorite baby shower decoration items 2021 below!

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Gold Adornment

The addition of texture of gold to the baby shower decoration ensures the glam, along with party accessories that are the star of the show. We are certain that gold is one of the touches that adds sophistication and beauty when added. Even the baby shower decoration space can not escape from the stunning appeal of golden adornment of its walls that can include baby shower balloons, baby shower banners, confetti balloons, baby figurine foil balloons, swirl hangings, and many more. Make sure to get a cake topper for your baby shower cake as well.

2. As Unique as Super Duo Pink & Blue

Would not you love to uplift, calm, and make it a bit quirky when it comes to a modern kind of baby shower decoration for the expecting parents? One of the unique baby shower ideas to show off sweet calming contrast and add some inspirational baby shower décor for your day. Infuse the balloons, banners, foil curtains, swirl hanging, 3d sticker cutouts, and many other party accessories into the plain minimalist space to balance out the long-lasting effect for the day. Stay tuned till the end to see the smile on the face of the expecting mother and the guests.

3. Gear Up for 3D Hanging Stickers

One of the great baby shower decoration items for your baby shower can be a 3D hanging sticker that comes so well together due to its design element that makes great for the theme of baby shower decoration as well. The sticker cutouts can be hanged or added to the wall with other wall decorations to add fashionable statements and make the room a very glam space in which you can enjoy the entire party to invite the tiny bundle of joy.

4. Trendy Foil Balloons

Baby shower balloon decorations are considered one of the most happening elements when it comes to baby shower decoration to surprise the expecting mother. Not to miss out, balloons are considered one of the must-have elements for any party decoration. Every balloon is unique and you won’t believe that even the addition of only balloons can make the whole space look even more glamorous. You can add metallic foil balloons or baby-shaped foil balloons that are more on-trend nowadays to create an amazing photo backdrop for the baby shower celebration.

5. The classiness of Baby Boy Banner with Balloons

Baby Boy Banner adorned with baby shower decoration balloons have long been a staple of baby shower decoration and now has been a must-have when it comes to baby boy baby shower decoration. Whether you call it pastel blue, golden, silver, or any other color, baby boy banners can make a statement that you always have been wanted to make on your big day. Banners paired with any kind of balloons be it foil, latex or confetti balloons look amazingly attractive so go for one combo that includes both the banner and the balloon.

6. Sun board Hanging Decoration & Fun

Another amazing and unique baby shower decoration idea is the addition of sun board hanging decoration. They are versatile enough for both the baby boy or baby girl baby shower decoration. Hang them anywhere or add them to the wall with balloons, they look super cool to add fun.

7. Swirl Hangings That Are Evergreen

You would be amazed to know how cool swirl hangings are how trending they have been all over social media for the classy kind of baby shower decoration without even making a hole in the pocket. As they are easy to hang, not that expensive, and look amazingly great, consider adding one for your baby shower as well. They even look great while tied to the balloon ends.

8. “Stay Cool” With Photo Booth Props

We could not figure anything as cool as photo booth props that have been so much trendy nowadays for parties. The baby shower decoration item list is just so incomplete if you avoid adding these cool baby shower props to make your baby shower decoration a grand affair. We all know how much everyone loves taking a picture, flaunting it on a social feed, this is why photo booth props are your savior to capture some cool and fun-filled pictures. You can purchase them online according to your baby shower theme.

9. Flip Through the Pages with Photo Calendar

How about splashing smiling and beautiful moments to your memories with a stunning photo calendar for your baby shower decoration. Take the happiest moment of the expecting mother and her pregnancy journey into a picture and turn them all into a photo calendar that can be added to the decoration to freshen up the memories. You can also add some fairy lights to the photo calendar banner so that every picture looks as bright as your happiness.

10. As Aesthetic as Boy or Girl Baby Shower Banner

The addition of unique baby shower decoration items can change the look of an entire baby shower decoration and they are known to impact the celebration mood of an individual as well. While the addition of the Boy or Girl Baby Shower banner can be chic addition, there is something more special about relying on these banners to express your taste. Banners have always been a great addition to party decoration so why not these?

11. And A Special Treat for Dad Too!

The expecting mother and the expecting child both get special treatment on their special day but how can we forget that the expecting dad also needs some attention too! He is also going to be a dad soon and this special day is for him as well. Make him feel as special as the expecting mom with a DAD-TO-BE badge. You can get some cool and unique badges online.

12. Gorgeous Mom in Mom-To-Be Sash

Another special baby shower decoration item to mark the special day in the most special way is the consideration of party accessories too! While we get busy selecting few baby shower decoration items, we forget to consider party accessories. Make sure you get good quality and comfortable to wear MOM-TO-BE sash for the expecting mom to make her the center of attraction for the day. Let everyone knows that she is the guest of honor!

13. A Tiara for The Queen

Apart from a satin chic sash for the expecting mother, consider getting a tiara for the mom as well. Make her feel like the real queen for the day with a comfortable and lightweight tiara that goes pretty well with any kind of attire she wears.

14. Never Underestimate the Décor Power of Flag Banner

A baby shower decoration without certain decoration stuff looks a bit dull and this is why to make the decoration and the space more attractive, we would always suggest getting flag banners as well. As flag banners have made their way up to several celebrations and party decorations, they are versatile to be added to baby shower decoration as well. You can add them just below the baby shower banner. Depending upon your party theme, pick the best flag banner to make some amazing memories with your loved ones.

15. Cake Topper for Wonderful Cake

It is crucial that even deserts especially cakes also need to taste good as well as look good. The addition of a unique cake topper is an instant treat to the eyes and for your special baby shower celebration as well. They can add texture, class, and elegance to your cake. The vivid color and eye-catchy design of the cake toppers also make it perfect to keep it as a keepsake to treasure the best memories of feelings of to-be-parents for both of you.

16. For The Love of Metallic Balloons

Selecting the color and style for your baby shower decoration is a very important decision and your baby shower party space is no exception. The baby shower party space is somewhere you would like to celebrate your happiness so getting the styling right for the special day is considered a must. As balloons have already been a must-have essential for any party decoration, make sure to get a unique stylish statement with the addition of some metallic balloons for your baby shower decoration.

17. Little Cuteness with Foil Curtains Too!

How cute it looks to adorn the empty walls with all the goodness of baby shower decoration items? Always make sure you have done your job in transforming the dull walls into the center of attraction for the day. Make your guests feel WOW with amusement to see the walls that also include foil curtains. You can add vibrance with colorful curtains, classiness with golden curtains, or shimmer with silver ones. Which so every color you pick, they are always going to be a grand success for your baby shower decoration.

18. Perfection With Pom Pom Set

Go all perfect and add a touch of glamour to your baby shower decoration with a set of pom that can be hanged or stick to walls too. With luxurious as well as the fun look, pom pom is great to give the final finishing touch to the celebration and you will be amused to see how they scream glamour with their placements. Purchase pom poms from an online party store according to your decided color scheme or the theme of the party.

19. How About Decoration Paper Fans?

Well, who says you just have balloons and banners to add to make the party decoration a hit? You can also add paper fans along with balloons and banners to make it look extra special, unique, and memorable. Paper fans are versatile party decoration stuff that you can reuse later on for any other party decoration. They can be added to any kind of occasion or festival. The lightweight of paper fans makes it easier for you to hang them anywhere.

20. Final Touch with Led Lights

Nothing can be so much adorable and mesmerizing than the addition of LED lights. They look great when added to any kind of celebration, occasion, or festival. Convert the dull walls into brightening stars of the night with the addition of lights along with banners and balloons. Convert the boring ceiling into a whimsical stary sky by adding lights along with lanterns. Add lights to outdoor plans and make your decoration look more like a dreamland. There are so many ways that you can incorporate to make a unique as well as a stylish statement for your baby shower decoration.

When it comes to the best baby shower decoration ideas, you can mix things up that are listed up to add a splash of fun, happening and festive kind of vibe to your celebration. The above-listed affordable set of decoration stuff can accessorize the party space in a range of colors and everything that perfectly matches your special day. We hope this is going to be a great help for your arrangements.

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