30 Best Anniversary Decoration Items in 2021

30 Best Anniversary Decoration Items in 2021

Wedding anniversaries or anniversaries of couples who have been dating each other for longer have mixed emotions as well as dedication to do something amazing to mark the special date. It could be a wonderful way to regroup your relationship by even doing something simple yet thoughtful to impress your life partner. An anniversary party does not always have to be entirely about going back to memory lane only. Making and thinking out of the box so that you can add your marriage highlight reel feels more special for both the partner. Celebrating an anniversary can be one of the best chances to reconnect as a couple as well as life might be crazy for both of you which might have made you feel with no time to celebrate as a couple!

One of the best chances to reflect over the past, and see how far you both have been holding your hands together, anniversaries are meant to be celebrated especially. Another essential part rather than the only celebration also comes the decoration! Yes, anniversary decoration at home or anywhere makes a great difference to your entire day! It gives you a great excuse to relax, enjoy, feel special and have fun together. This is the reason why today we have come up with some of the best anniversary decoration items in 2021 which are sure to make your special day the best one till now!

1. Surprise With Trio of Black, Red, and Gold

A trio of black, red, and gold works surprisingly very well when it comes to wedding anniversary decoration when set against the wall decoration to create a surprising design. One of the easiest ways to add spice to your wedding anniversary decoration is adding some balloons be it latex, foil, or confetti to the wall. Start with adding foil curtains, banners and hang some fairy lights too. Decorating with heart-shaped balloons can look more attractive and romantic.

2. Numerical Foil Balloons to Mark the Day

It is your anniversary and your anniversary party decoration needs to be flaunted in such a way that everyone gets inspired by your decoration. One such element that has been too trendy nowadays is the numerical foil balloon! Mark your special day with a flaunting numerical foil balloon reflects your number of years of togetherness. These balloons are great enough to be versatile that can be used on other occasions as well.

3. Red Heart Shaped Balloon to Express Your Love

Express your heart to your love with a mesmerizing anniversary decoration at home that includes lots and lots of red heart-shaped balloons. The balloons can be added to the wall, you can let them float in the air or also hang from the ceiling. They look too cool and chic.

4. Brighten Up Space With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights make a great addition for decoration at every parties, and festival. This is why they can be great happy anniversary decoration items. Add lights indoor or outdoor with balloons, banners, foil curtains, or anywhere else, they will for sure make a lasting effect for your party.

5. Wish Them With Alphabetic Foil Balloons

Won’t you also love to see your better half amused with decoration that does not only look heart-touching but also wishes them on their special day in a stylish way? Consider alphabetic foil balloons to your anniversary decoration items list. You can also get a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY foil balloon banner.

6. The gorgeousness of Star & Heart Shaped Foil Balloons

Another great option for the simple wedding anniversary decorations at home can be showing that you love your better half from the moon and back. The addition of star and heart-shaped silver and gold foil balloons can be such a strong statement and create an intimate focal point for the room to sprinkle your love.

7. Transform The Wall With Foil Curtains

Anchor your room space with the addition of shinney and shimmery foil curtains that work extremely well to cover the walls as well as make an amazing backdrop to add on other wedding anniversary decoration items.

8. Special Happy Anniversary Banners

Special people deserve everything special; don’t you also think so? Wish your loved ones on both of yours special day with amazing decoration items for anniversary such as special HAPPY ANNIVERSARY banner! Grab one that perfectly fits the theme of your special day.

9. Whimsical Rose Gold Adornments

One of the quickest ways to change the look of your room quickly is by switching out from boring decoration to the addition of some jazzy happy anniversary room decoration. Why not add some adornments that are all rose-gold? Look for a rose-gold-themed decoration kit that can make your decoration task super easy and quick. No need to rush here and there to collect things! Get them online, how easy is that?

10. Magic of Colourful Latex Balloons

Give your room a colorful glow with the addition of colorful latex balloons all across the room for anniversary decoration at home. Choose anything from latex to confetti and foil balloons, fill it up with helium or normal air, they are going to look great. Balloons blend well with other decoration items as well such as banners, lights, swirl hangings, and many more.

11. Make Cake Topper the Showstopper

Cake Toppers are a great and attractive option for wedding anniversary decorations for your cake. Believe it or not, cake toppers work like magic when used for styling your wedding anniversary cake. Make sure you get a unique and attractive cake topper from an online party shop.

12. Express Your Heart Out With 3D Heart Hanging

With so many choices for your wedding anniversary decoration, 3d heart hangings can be great anniversary decoration ideas at home to express your love for your better half. Hang these hangings where ever you want, they shine throughout the day, add elegance to other decoration stuff, and also make an amazing backdrop.

13. Memories With Photo Booth Props

Memories are made with special moments and this is why make your special for your memories with some unique photo booth props. Nowadays photo booth props are considered cool and fun-filled wedding anniversary decorations, consider getting for sure for your celebration.

14. Beautify the Space With Pom Pom

Combining your anniversary decorations with pom can be great alternatives for your wedding anniversary decoration especially for hanging or wall decoration. Select your perfect pompom according to your theme and make the wedding anniversary the most special one.

15. A Champagne Shaped Foil Balloons

A champagne-shaped oil balloon for wedding anniversary decoration can be a perfect example for your special day that is not too flashy or too annoying! The champagne-shaped balloons are well-thought addition to create complete and well-balanced addition of fun and attractive wall display for the special day. They also work great while placed as a centerpiece over the table.

16. Add Colors With Colorful Smoke Bomb

Your anniversary is all about making the best out of the best moments and capturing these for the upcoming year. Why not convert your celebration into a picturesque photoshoot session? Grab some colorful smoke bombs, make them your companion to capture the best picture ever. The colorful smoke bombs create a serene, beautifully created colorful portrait for both of you.

17. Fun Décor With Paper Fans

The addition of color schemed or colorful paper fans can be a wonderful example of incorporating all the goodness of the wedding anniversary decoration along with other party favors. These gorgeous fans provide subtle and soothing hints of colors as well as a view for your wall or ceiling that you both and the guests are going to fall in love with this addition.

18. Add On Flag Banner

A colorful flag banner or a simple flag banner is a wonderful anniversary decoration at home for your party space as they create stunning contrast as well as bold for the day. The addition of a flag banner with balloons and a happy anniversary banner can be a great way to add some fun and interest to your entire party space. You can also add a touch of brightness to the flag banners with some fairy lights. Feel thankful that flag banners are versatile enough to be used on other special days, events, parties, or festival decorations as well.

19. Perfect Cake Candles

The addition of cake candles is often found to be a fun way to give an ordinary cake an extra appeal. They also work great for your wedding anniversary decoration list so makes sure you get a set of numerical cake candles to mark the year of your togetherness over the cake. Ranging from several designs to quality, there are several options that you can go for while purchasing from an online party decoration store.

20. Tiara for Your Loved Ones

Don’t you think that the special woman of your life who has been with you in your time of sorrow, as well as happiness, also deserves all the best things in the world? As it is both of your special days, make sure you put on some effort to make her feel special. Make her feel like a diva on the day of their anniversary by gifting her a tiara with other gifts! Make sure she wears it along with her attire. Click some amazing pictures together.

21. The cherry on the Top with Swirl Hanging Decoration

The addition of swirl hanging decoration can be stunning wedding anniversary decorations at home when done correctly. Use the swirl hanging decoration as an accent to enhance the beauty of your special day while adding them to the ceiling with balloons. You can also use them for your entrance area to welcome your guests. There are several choices for swirl decoration as well according to your theme.

22. Creativeness With Heart Metallic Curtain

Another amazing wedding anniversary decoration that can make a unique statement for your special day is a heart metallic curtain. They are easy to install, can be hanged at the entrance, or to the walls. The shinning heart shapes look gorgeous to create a romantic kind of anniversary celebration.

23. Show Your Love With Heart Hanging

You will be amazed to see how wedding anniversary decoration done with heart hangings look if done well. The heart hangings can be tied to the end of latex balloons, or they can be hanged from the ceiling to add some extras to the empty area. Express your love to your loved ones with some gorgeous decorations like these.

24. Heart Shape Paper Fan Decoration

If you want something super special and add some extra color on an accent wall and do not have that many unique ideas to go for, using some heart-shaped paper fan decoration can always be the best solution. They look super unique, amazing for anniversary decoration at home. Just hang them with some balloons and banners, and you are good to go.

25. Relish the Memories With Led Clip Lights

Besides balloons, banners, foil curtains, and hanging decorations, another alternative to add some classiness and memories to your wedding anniversary decoration is to use LED clip lights. They do not only add warmth to the ambiance but also takes back your beautiful memories. Add some memorable pictures to the lights and see the magic!

26. Decoration With Metallic Red Color Curling Ribbon

Metallic red curling ribbons are always good to go with when it comes to simple wedding anniversary decorations at home. Use ribbons to wrap the gift, tie to the balloons or decorate the table, every way they look stunning and useful too!

27. Cabana Set Up With Net Curtain

For all those romantic couples, who want to spend their anniversary most romantically and uniquely, a cabana set up is a great option. Purchase net curtain online, set your romantic cabana, add some warm lights, heart-shaped red balloons, sip some wine, have a romantic candlelight dinner, and enjoy together!

28. Paper Flower Decoration

Don’t you also think the addition of some vintage touch to your anniversary decoration can look unique and something out-of-the-box? Paper flower decorations work magically to make your celebration most beautiful and unique. They can be added to walls, with other decoration stuff.

29. Surprise With Party Popper

Surprise your love on your special day with a grand welcome to the anniversary party. Get some party popper or rose petal party popper and use them while the love of your life enters the room. Surprise them with a popper and a grand anniversary decoration at home.

30. The gorgeousness of Ring Foil Balloons

Nothing feels as gorgeous as the ring foil balloon for the day. Propose your loved ones once again on this special day with a huge ring foil balloon that is great for wedding anniversary decoration ideas at home. Make sure you have done all the arrangements for the celebration. The ring foil balloons can be hanged on walls as well as a centerpiece to the table.

With so many options listed above for your anniversary decoration this year, they make a delightful combination. No need to pick one over the other, as the addition of these can also make the best to go with decoration for your special day. We hope that these inspiring anniversary decoration items can be an excellent backdrop for your day allowing them to pop and sparkle your reason to celebrate.

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