30 Newly Arrived Kids Decoration Items in 2021

30 Newly Arrived Kids Decoration Items in 2021

For every parent, their child’s birthday is a huge day. They always tend to look forward to hosting a fun-filled birthday for their children that brings a big smile to their face while creating memorable memories too! As kids always look forward to their next birthday party as soon as their one birthday ends, we can not deny the fact that they are fascinated by not only the party but all the special kids’ birthday party decoration and theme for the day.

Get ready for the lineup of amazing newly arrived kids decoration items for 2021 with our guide that can give you ideas for an amazing kid’s party as well. From a birthday bash that features your favorite like the decoration stuff to even an exciting experience party like a character-themed celebration, there is a hip of items for your kid’s birthday party theme to make sure that those milestones become the one that is never forgettable.

1. Balloons Are the Centre of Attraction

Balloons are excellent kids' birthday supplies especially since they are one of the most popular kid’s birthday decoration options. Balloons come with a range of colors, designs and shapes, and sizes that work well with cool colors and the perfect selected theme for the party. Regardless of style and décor preference, you can find a variety of balloons that won’t disappoint you for sure.

2. Color Pop Every Where

Colorful addition of kids birthday decoration form one of the most beautiful foundations of popping vibrance especially with the elements. Incorporating colorful balloons, banners, foil curtains, and fairy lights form a cohesive and amazing paradise-like party space that is worth going for. Make sure you get an all-in-one colorful combo to make your decoration work way easier.

3. A Mermaid Themed Birthday Banner

The addition of a mermaid-themed birthday banner can be an excellent kid’s birthday decoration idea to use on their party space. Several options are incorporating the banner such as incorporation with balloons, range of foil curtains, 3d sticker cutouts, and many more. As banners are easy to hang, you can make a great addition to the wall in no time.

4. Foil Curtains for the Wall

Consideration of foil curtains for the wall can be great items for birthday decoration that covers a range of design inspiration depending on what you are going to add over it. While balloons and banners look great hanged over the foil curtains, Led Lights and other decoration stuff create an amazing backdrop along with the foil curtains.

5. Minion Foil Balloons

One of the trendiest and newly arrived kids' decorations is the forever love of kids, MINION FOIL BALLOONS. For your kid’s birthday party theme, especially those who are a great fan of these mischievous characters, minion foil balloons make a great addition to enhance the celebration vibe and incorporate with the vibrant blue and yellow color theme too.

6. Swirl Hanging Decoration

Looking for a bit playful? Swirl Hanging Decoration makes a dynamic happy birthday decoration for kids. They can be used in several styles such as tying to the end of balloons, adding to walls or ceiling, and many more. The swirling swirls of the hanging decoration highlight both the theme, color, and amazing design to mark a stylish statement on your kid’s special day.

7. The versatility of Fairy Lights

A combination of fairy lights can be an ideal setup for a kid’s birthday decoration as it invites an atmosphere for a celebration. As the lights are versatile enough to be reused on several other occasions, they are a great addition for wall backdrop, windows, and even for outdoor locations. LED lights enhance the already done kids' birthday party decoration magically.

8. Numerical Foil Balloon That Resembles the Day

Combining several balloons with foil balloons does not sound tricky but is amazing. Let your kid’s birthday decoration scream louder of their milestone with the addition of gorgeous numerical foil balloons. They can be added to the wall or else can also be placed above the table as a centerpiece.

9. Alphabetic Foil Balloons for Wishes

You won’t believe how trendy and exciting it is to add something special for kids’ birthday decoration at home that reflects their special day in the most special way. Add alphabetic foil balloons to your list of birthday decoration items for kids. You can go for HAPPY BIRTHDAY foil balloons that look even greater than any other items.

10. Avengers Shape Foil Balloons

The addition of avengers shape foil balloons for your happy birthday boy decoration can be delightful consideration as it can be the proof to make your special little one feel amused. The addition of foil balloons looks great especially for a kid’s birthday celebration that is an avengers theme. Not only for kids, but avengers are also adult’s favorite too! Make sure you place the balloons most attractively.

11. 3D Sticker Cutouts

Pairing 3D Sticker cutouts with other kid’s birthday decoration items are bound to make a statement. Adding stickers to the walls does not have to be overly dramatic as their single addition can completely transform the look of a boring backdrop. You can also easily hang them from the ceiling. One of the amazing parts is, you get a variety of cutouts according to the birthday theme from an online party shop!

12. Happiness With Birthday Caps

The addition of birthday caps to your purchase list is perfect consideration if you are looking to add some fun to the celebration of your kid’s birthday. Just like any other party accessories, caps look cool when worn by kids. Depending upon the theme of the birthday you can get some cool and comfortable birthday caps for the birthday kids and tiny guests.

13. Finishing Touch With Cake Topper

When cakes are topped with a cake topper, the results are marvelous! Like any other part of the party space, the birthday cake also deserves some spice and transformation, this is why we have always been recommending cake toppers t mark the special day. As they are the trendiest kids' birthday decoration item, get one for your special day too.

14. Avenger Theme Happy Birthday Banner

For all the Avenger lovers, superhero-themed adornment for kid’s birthday decoration can be the best idea that you can do to surprise them. Make sure you get a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Banner with the Avengers printed over it to complete the entire birthday decoration and the birthday theme in a stylish way.

15. Character Themed Hand Bands

When you get character-themed hand bands for your kid’s special day, yes it looks cool and amazing too! Kids love party accessories and adding something extra to the kid's birthday decoration does not go wrong. Get some hand bands based on the birthday theme that is comfortable to wear and fit well on the wrist.

16. Set of Baby Shark Theme Foil Balloons

You got baby sharks to the party but miss out on the most important element to complete the kid's birthday decoration? What else can be more gorgeous than baby shark theme foil balloons that are most trendy on social media as well? They look super cute, something more extra appealing, and amazing addition for children. Place them anywhere, they look super cute.

17. Confetti Balloons that look Gorgeous

Confetti balloons and latex balloons are complements, meaning that they sit perfectly when place for a birthday wall decoration. When used together with other party decoration items, confetti balloons shimmer throughout the evening and look more stylish to add something extra to the festive vibe.

18. Amuse the Kids With Metallic Balloons

Match the entire kids' birthday decoration at home with metallic balloons that end up well when placed with metallic happy birthday banners and foil curtains. Combine the perfect color combination for a lovely birthday party space and you get a major dose of tranquility accented with a splash of classiness and elegance.

19. Themed Face Paper Mask to Add Fun

You won't believe how excited kids are about face paper masks. They try to imitate their favorite character and have fun. If you have planned a character or any theme-based kids birthday party, make sure you get a perfect themed face paper mask for the kids that are comfortable to wear and are greatly printed too!

20. Blow the Candles

How can you miss out on candles? Cakes without cake candles to blow is just incomplete cake-cutting ritual. With so many varieties, designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, you get several choices of cake candles to mark your special day and top your kid’s birthday cake. Search some inspiring candles from an online party store.

21. Paper Eye Masks for Kids

Paper eye masks are trendy party accessories nowadays for kids' birthday parties. Easy to wear, looks funky and cool on kids, get some eye masks that match the theme of the party. Ranging from multi-color to several character-themed masks, you have so many options to go for.

22. Flag Banner For Perfection

Even if you have considered adding a happy birthday banner for your kid's birthday decoration, the addition of one more flag banner can be best for perfection. You can place them below the happy birthday banner or any other place. They look great when paired with led lights and also are versatile enough to be used on any other occasion.

23. Birthday Sash for The Birthday Girl

Don’t you think your baby girl on her big day deserves to be treated like a real princess? Make her day the most special and memorable one with the purchase of a birthday sash for her. From satin sash to the best color, you get so many choices online to get one. A white and gold or black and even pink sash look great for any attire.

24. Birthday Girl Hair Band

Birthday girls deserve the best party accessories on their special day. If you are not totally into tiara things for your girl, one of the best options is a hairband. From furry birthday hairband to HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAIRBAND, there are so many choices out there. You baby girl will for sure look super cute wearing it on her big day.

25. Make Some Memories With Photo Booth Props

Memories are made from the happiest moments and this is why make some of the best moments that can be treasured in your memories. Get a unique photo booth with birthday props for your kid's birthday decoration that does not only creates an amazing photo backdrop but also an attractive add-on for your photo session of the day.

26. Pom That Makes Everything Look Perfect

The beauty of color schemed or multi-color pom pom is that they can carry the party space on their way and can play well along with all the additional kids' birthday decoration supplies. When you add pom pom to the walls or ceilings, you add a big dose of peace and serenity to the entire space.

27. Themed Hanging Decoration

While swirl hanging decorations are great for the party decoration of your kid’s birthday, they can be selected according to the particular birthday theme as well. Just add in some touches of swirl decoration to the ceiling or the end of balloons to make everything look super unique and attractive.

28. Figurine Foil Balloons

If you prefer something more fun, and attractive, then you should try adding figurine foil balloons to your kid’s birthday party decoration. The foil balloons can be considered according to the theme. You can get car foil balloons for a car theme party, mermaid foil balloons for a mermaid theme party, and so on.

29. Adorable Paper Fan Decoration

Another adorable addition to the kid's birthday decoration idea for this year is paper fan decorations. These new and trendiest elements can be used on several other occasions and parties as well. Make sure you get a set of the paper fan to add some perfection to your special day too!

30. Emoji Foil Balloons

No days messengers and social media are so much influential and inspiring for everyone, emojis are super cool for kids' birthday decorations as well. Get some emoji foil balloons that look so much fun when added with other party decoration stuff.

We believe that the above-listed party decoration elements work well with essentially every kind of theme and decoration idea. Sitting next to each other, some of the above party decoration elements can make a perfect combination to make the special day worth memorable. Make sure you get your hands on some of the best addition for your kid’s special day.

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