30 Unique & Cute 1st Birthday Decoration Items in 2021

30 Unique & Cute 1st Birthday Decoration Items in 2021

For every parent, the first birthday is no less than a milestone as the parents achieve the growth and the struggle of their child together. As your child grows so fast every year, you both get so many memorable chances to watch him/her grow, love, and learn. The first birthday is considered as one of the most special days which reminds you of the birth of those tiny feet with tiny palms along with the experience of being new parents. The time which shifts your being only a couple to a couple of parents. The time that has been considered one of the big days for family, parents as well as relatives. And after all, life is always amazing with a baby, celebrating their presence in your life is way more amazing too! Cherish your special day of your kid with photographs that are going to remain forever and this is why throwing a special and cute birthday party for your little one is so special.

As you get only one chance to throw the first birthday party for your kid, you are going to do everything to make it the best. If you are not sure where and how to start, start it from the 1st birthday party theme and then the first birthday party decoration. You want to make sure you do not forget anything, the below-given list of 30 cute and unique 1st birthday decoration items is for you!

Adornment With Rose Gold & Black

If you are ready to incorporate a little rose gold into your kid’s 1st birthday decoration, you are in luck. The birthday decoration of your little munchkin can be stocked with a metallic shade of rose gold which includes balloons, banners, foil curtains, swirl hangings, and many more. When it comes to decorative accents and bold details, metallic in blush pink can be a chic alternative to make your day memorable.

Super Combo of Blue and Gold

Blue teamed-up gold accents can make can create an amazing 1st birthday party theme. Birthday decorations accentuated with combining relaxing hue of blue and shiny finishes of gold can add classiness. To make your decoration easier and quicker, go for a birthday party decoration combo.

Let’s Go into the Jungle

Those little explorers itching for a new adventure, go for jungle-themed decoration for your one-year-old birthday themes. The addition of balloons and banners is a little messy while decorating, so go for a jungle-themed birthday decoration kit for your little one.

The gorgeousness of Paper Fan Decoration

Paper fan decorations are the most cheerful first birthday decoration ideas. Whether you love some fancy stuff or you are just looking for some inspiring first birthday decoration ideas for your kid, paper fan decorations make a great addition for your walls as well as ceiling incorporated with birthday balloons and banners.

Enhance the Celebration with Swirl Decoration

Why make your baby’s 1st birthday decoration at home boring when you can make the day the most memorable one with the addition of something that expands the beauty of your ceiling. Go for swirl decorations according to the birthday party theme that looks perfect addition for your special day.

Mickey Mouse Club House

We are not the first to admit that Mickey Mouse has been the favorite cartoon character of almost every kid, and we know you are aware of that too! Creating the first birthday decoration that is mood-boosting and energizing with the addition of all about Mickey Mouse can be great for your kid’s 1st birthday decoration at home. Make sure you get a perfect Mickey Mouse decoration combo kit that includes every essential.

How About Photo Calendar?

Let's cherish the memories of your kid from their birth till the very first milestone. A 12 month photo banner can be a great first birthday decoration idea. Add all the gorgeous and memorable pictures of your growing kid to the calendar and flaunt it with some fairy light! It is going to be a sure hit.

Snappy Time with Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props have always been proof that they can be considered for your kid’s first birthday decoration at home. They are fun to purchase, look great, and creates an amazing backdrop for a photo shoot as well.

Some Extras with Birthday Paper Cap

If cute birthday paper caps do not add fun to your kid’s 1st birthday decoration, we do not know what will! Cute, attractive yet classy, birthday caps are great consideration, especially for kid’s birthdays.

Color Pop With Balloons

If you are looking for a burst of colors for your 1st birthday decoration ideas for boys at home or girls, the addition of balloons can make it look extremely great. Balloons are always a fun element for every celebration so make sure you get numerous of them to your little one’s special day.

Alphabetic Foil Balloons

Let your kid’s 1st birthday decoration scream as louder as the alphabetic foil balloon which says HAPPY BIRTHDAY in bold letters. Alphabetic foil balloons are another cute 1st birthday decoration item to make your kid’s special day more special. These balloons can be hanged on walls or also placed above the table.

Scream The Year With Numerical Foil Balloon

Never forget to make sure you have let your guests know that your kid is now a year growing up. Add 1 numerical foil balloon to their 1st birthday decoration that looks as amazing as your special day. You can add the balloons with other decoration stuff to make a unique and cute birthday statement.

Baby Birthday Cake Candle

A cheerful, cute, and unique cake candle adds a lighthearted touch to any normal cake. On its own, it is one of the best 1st birthday decoration items that have too much classiness for your kid’s special cake. Make sure you get a cute candle for your little one to blow it before they cut the cake.

Transform the Cake With Cake Topper

Let the cake burst with attractiveness with a bright and cherry cake topper that looks amazingly adorable while topped over it. Provide an amazing makeover to the cake along with the candle and let everyone get inspired.

Birthday Baby Boy Foil Balloon

When you are decorating with something cool stuff for your kid’s first birthday party decoration, a stunning baby boy foil balloon for your boy’s first birthday decoration keeps the decoration more unique and attractive. Make sure you get these from an online party store to add finishing touch.

The cherry on the Top With Flag Banner

Let’s add the cherry on the top of the 1st birthday decoration effort of your favorite with the addition of a flag banner as well. No matter even if you have the HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner already, the addition of this one makes no damage. It is going to complement your all additions.

Memories With I am One Today Banner

How amazing it looks when you pick an “I am One Today” banner that completely is meant for your little one’s 1st birthday party decoration at home.  These banners have been trendy nowadays this is why they look great even for a 1-year-old photoshoot of your kid.

Cover Up Boring Walls With Foil Curtain

Anything that goes well when it comes to the birthday decoration of your kid especially the wall section is the foil curtain. Foil curtains are versatile enough to be used on any other occasion. It will be great if you add them before adding anything to the wall.

Some Jazz With Confetti Balloons

Is it possible to make your kid’s 1st birthday party decoration more happening and memorable? Perhaps especially with something more than only latex balloons? Yes, you can incorporate latex balloons with some confetti balloons too to make great memories. They look so pretty on walls that you will be happier than ever with your pro decorating skills!

Baby 3d Sticker Cut-outs

Add fun to the birthday celebration and vibe with some theme-based 3d sticker cutouts that are versatile to add excitement to any space and are also easy to incorporate with any birthday decoration stuff according to your selected party theme.

Amusement With Metallic Latex Balloons

It feels adorable to quickly introduce metallic latex balloons into your little one’s first birthday decoration along with party accessories. Add depth to the color scheme with the shine of a metallic balloon that looks amazing even if decorated and hanged all alone.

Foil Balloon Banner For the Walls

Foil balloons have made the trend of 1st birthday decoration so much adorable that we could not miss them out on our list. Foil balloon banners are a great idea if you are not someone who is into paper banners! Make a classy and elegant statement while adding this banner to your wall over the foil curtains.

Brightness With LED Lights

Fairy Lights have been traced in every celebration, event, and festival and this is why they are versatile decorative items! Make your kid’s 1st birthday decoration shine as bright as fairy lights. They can be added to windows, inside party space with balloons and banners, outdoor location, in fact anywhere!

 A Birthday Girl Head Band or Tiara

One of the attractive 1st birthday decoration party accessories for your baby girl can be consideration of a headband or tiara. As your kid is too small to wear accessories for longer, make sure you get the ones that are comfortable enough to wear and fit well.

Birthday Paper Goggles to Add Fun

Imagine how cute your little cutie pie is going to look while wearing those cute huge paper goggles on their special day! Get the goggles for the special little one as well as the little guests too to click some amazing and cool pictures of the celebration together.

Style With Pom Poms

Ok! Pom Poms can not be missed here! They are vibrant, they look super cool, and of course, they are versatile too! Make your kid’s 1st birthday decoration ideas at home more thoughtful while adding some pompom to the wall with other decoration items. They are easy to hang, look great, and can be reused too!

Happy Birthday Banner

You do not need to worry about the decoration stuff when you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner that wishes your kid, especially on their special day. Banners are always a great 1st birthday decoration idea to make a stylish statement and this is why you can never miss purchasing them. Now that there are several varieties of theme-based banners, they are going to be a huge success for your kid’s day.

A Figurine Themed Foil Balloon

We all agree that a theme-based 1st birthday celebration is a great idea as it helps you with the decoration stuff and also makes the day more unique and inspiring. This is why if you are done with your particular theme, considered getting figurine foil balloons that are based on your theme. This can be a great add-on for your kid’s 1st birthday theme party.

The gorgeousness of All Silver

Nothing seems as stylish, classic, and royal as all silver adornments. Perfect for both baby girl and baby boy, you can go for this decoration idea to make it more memorable. Make it easy to decorate while getting a silver birthday decoration kit that is specially curated for 1st birthday decoration.

Pair Up All the Pastels

Finally, one of the unique and cute 1st birthday decoration items this year is all pastel stuff! Yes, the color itself is super adorable that we can see lots and lots of social media posts filled with a pastel range of decorations. You can get balloons, banners, swirl decorations, foil curtains, and whatnot! Make sure you make the best out of all the stuff for this special day.

The vibrant tone and attractiveness of the above-listed unique and cute 1st birthday decoration items can pair well for your kid’s first birthday party. We are sure you will be wowing your guests with such adorable birthday decoration accents that stand out throughout the day!


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