Baby Shower

What is a baby shower?

Getting good news of the arrival of a new member in your family no doubt doubles your happiness which cannot be expressed in words. Your entire family gets on their feet to welcome the little guests to their family. Baby showers are held just before the birth of the baby and play an essential role to get all members together to celebrate and bless the expecting parents and the baby. This auspicious day calls for happiness, and time to be spent together with loved ones. We believe that as an expecting mother, a baby shower can be very special. At present, the baby shower celebration has come into popularity no matter what size the party is and what theme you have selected. Baby shower decorations, on the other hand, have been playing one of the essential roles to make your celebration a success as well as a memorable one.

You might not be aware; however, the baby showers are relatively new inventions because gifting the expecting parents was not done before in earlier times. Infants have been a source of celebration and joy for ages and baby shower art presents are completely different than the ones celebrated earlier.

Increasing popularity of baby shower function in India

Baby shower popularly known as Godhbharai in India is a special day in every Indian women’s life. The day calls for several rituals as well and is celebrated with great zeal among Indians to bless the expecting mother and upcoming baby as well. In India, the expected mother’s is gifted new sarees, sweets, fruits, and many more things and this Indian form of Godhbharai is what we call baby shower all across the world.

This special celebration in India happens to be celebrated by Hindu women during their 7th or 9th month of pregnancy. The reason for selecting the odd month for the ceremony is due to the belief in good luck for the mother and child. In India, more than the 9th month, 7th month is considered convenient as the baby reaches the safe stage of pregnancy.

One of the popular rituals in India during the baby shower ceremony is whispering wishes of the healthy and lively baby in the ears of the mother. This tradition is considered auspicious for the mother and child. In some traditions, a priest is also invited to the house to perform religious rites for the healthy and safe arrival of the child.

Baby Shower Ideas & Themes

We understand that as an expecting mother, how special is the day for you. From getting an amazing social media-worthy backdrop to cake decoration and wall décor, there can be so many options that you can pick for a budget-friendly baby shower decoration. We have listed some of the amazing baby shower decoration ideas for you below so that you can easily get a hint to make your celebration a hit. Amazing thing is that you can easily get the baby shower supplies mentioned below from NJ to throw a grandbaby shower celebration at your home according to your baby shower theme!

Baby Shower Ideas

If your baby shower somehow happens during a lockdown or any other circumstances then throwing a virtual baby shower can be thoughtful. After all, it is important for everyone including mother and baby to stay safe and healthy, a virtual shower is no less fun than a non-virtual baby shower. You can invite everyone online on a particular video conferencing platform, send e-invites, select a baby shower theme, get all the baby shower decoration done, add some virtual entertainments, get food ordered online and make your party a hit!

Popular Baby Shower Themes

Balloons & Balloons All Over

All balloon themes can be best for those who want to add some fun element to their baby shower decoration at home. Balloons signify fun and excitement to any celebration and to commemorate the arrival of the little one is a special day. You can go for a particular color scheme for baby shower decoration balloons or even mix-match all the colors. Adorn your party space with latex, confetti, and foil balloons.

Royalty as Gold

Make your dream come true with a baby shower decoration from all gold baby shower theme. The addition of baby shower balloons, banners, swirl decoration, baby shower favors in gold can make your celebration unique as well as classy décor to welcome the little guest. You can also mix match other colors to substitute the shade of gold if you are not totally into the all-gold theme!

Paint the Day with Colors

Let’s paint your special day and party space with colors! A rainbow-themed baby shower not only brings color to your baby shower decoration but also happiness to your life. Watch the expecting mother amazed as she steps into the party room full of colorful baby shower decorations. To occupy the party venue, you can get colorful balloons, banners, flowers, and many other things for a mesmerizing experience.

Cloudy White Baby Shower

Planning to surprise the expecting mother with pretty classic decoration? Consider trying out white theme decoration that can be perfect to add classiness and realness to the special day. You can add some silver chrome balloons and mix the color with white tomake it look magical and wonderful.

Luxury That Comes with Rose Gold

Nothing looks more luxurious and whimsical than the addition of rose gold shades to the baby shower decoration. Customize the decoration yourself with all shades of rose gold for foil curtains, balloons, centerpieces, and fairy lights to mark the special day.

Animal Theme Party

The green and earthy-toned animal-themed party are trending nowadays. They can be the perfect theme for a baby shower decoration. Get all sorts of baby animals present at your baby shower to welcome the baby most stylishly. Mix matches the balloons that have animal prints along with latex vibrant color to add a finishing touch to the backdrop

Combine Pastel Range of Colors

As pastel shades are so much on trend nowadays, it can be a great idea to incorporate a shade of pastel for decoration. The light and pleasant soft colors can make great baby shower decoration at home. Go for pastel balloons, banners, flag banners, confetti balloons, foil curtains, and accessories to mark the day.

Every Shade of Blue

Blue shade combined with silver or gold makes a great baby shower decoration. Add as many hues of blues as possible along with silver or gold to make the babyshower decoration a unique one at home. You can create a sea world or make it look more boy-themed party as well with the blues.

All Baby Pink Baby Shower

Baby Pink colors are as sweet as the baby that is about to arrive soon. Make the day more memorable with a baby pink-themed baby shower that has all essential baby shower decorations. Ranging from pink-themed balloons, banners, foil curtains, photo booth props, and many more, it can be a fun event.

Baby Shower Games

Balloon Race

One of the most trending games prevailing during baby showers is the balloon race. Simply tie the balloons to the stomach of men, to make them look pregnant, and let them race. To make it look more fun, put a lemon in between the legs so that the race gets tougher while moving and not letting lemon drop!

How Big Is The Tummy

Another baby shower game is this one in which your guests will guess the size of the tummy of the expecting mother by cutting off the length of the baby shower sash.

Baby Scrabble

Another fun game is Baby Scrabble. This game will show how fast the guests can unscramble the popular baby terms. You can find scramble for baby boys, baby girls, and gender-neutral ones as well.

Photo Booth Props

Technically, this is not a game for the baby shower but one of the fun elements to mark the day. Let everyone wear the different props or hold them and take pictures!

Baby Shower Bingo

Add a fun twist to the day with a baby shower bingo. Keep giveaways and let the guests engaged and excited for the same.

Trending & Popular Baby Shower Decoration Items

Enhance the details of Table

We might very often while detailing the baby shower decoration, neglect the table part thinking it's just not that important. However, even the small details make a great impact and let your guests know how many extra miles you have gone for this day. You can go for some centerpiece and add paper plates to the table or tie ribbons and balloons to make it look different.

Heavenly Décor with Balloons

A heavenly decoration with the addition of balloons makes great sense to transform your party into the best. Balloons are the soul of every party so there is no doubt you miss them on this special day. From a range of our latex, confetti to foil balloons, you get huge options to pick for your special theme and the day!

Swirls to Enhance the Decoration

Another trending element to make your baby shower decoration a spectacular one can be the addition of swirls decoration. Welcome the guest of honor with an amazing and vibrant swirl that adorns the ceiling.

Treasure the Memory With Baby Shower Photo Booth

Make a memorable baby shower decoration with the addition of photo booth props that make insta-worthy captured moments. A photo booth prop can even make your simple decoration great fun and treasure lots and lots of memories. Colorful props can be a great addition to last memories with amazing pictures.

Honor Mom and Dad With Party Accessories

It is a special day for both the expecting parents and they deserve to be treated like a king and a queen. Get an amazing “MOM-TO-BE” sash for the expecting mom to make her feel honored. For the to-be-father, you can go for a badge that mentions dad-to-be to honor him. For the expecting mother, you can also get a tiara that goes pretty well with the dress.

Welcome the Guests with a Banner

Banners are the popular element to add to your baby shower decoration. We provide a range of banners that read BABY SHOWER or foil alphabetic banner in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Enhance the Backdrop with Foil Curtains

It seems a wonderful idea to enhance the beauty of the backdrop with the addition of a foil curtain. Foil curtains make a great backdrop and also occupy the boring walls.

Cake Topper for the Cake

A baby shower calls for a baby shower cake and a cake calls a cake topper too! Embellish your customized and special cake with a stunning cake topper which also works as a keepsake.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Baby Shower

    1. Set a Budget: While planning any special event, the first thing that is mandatory to consider is your budget. The same goes for a baby shower, as your budget can further decide how the party will be organized and what things will be added
    2. Pick the Venue and Date: Another essential element that needs to be considered is the venue. Finalize your venue for the baby shower. It can be your house, or any other outdoor location as well. Fix the date accordingly so that your guests can be part of your celebration and happiness conveniently.
    3. Guestlist Finalization: When you host a celebration, it is meant to be celebrated guests. : While hosting a baby shower, finalize your guest's list. Do not make a broad guest list if your budget does not allow it. Try not to forget your dear ones on the guestlist so cross-check before finalizing.
    4. Sending Invitation: Planning a baby shower also comes with the responsibility of inviting the guests. Be it an e-invite or a printed invitation card, go for the one which prefers you best.
    5. A Perfect Theme: Jazzing up your party and the space is crucial for your day and most importantly the baby shower decoration comes with so much responsibility. Decide a particular baby shower theme for your party to add class and uniqueness to your celebration.
    6. Decide the Menu: Hosting a baby shower also comes with the responsibility of the menu! Make sure you decide the menu in advance so that you do not mess things up on the day. Make the menu simple, add favorite dishes of expecting mothers as well.
    7. Gorgeous Party Decoration: Nothing calls a party a hit until and unless it has a memorable party decoration. This is why we can’t miss out on getting the baby shower decoration done. If you have already decided on the theme of your baby shower, the decoration is just a click away! Order all the party essentials such as baby shower decoration combo, balloons, banners, foil curtains, confetti balloons, lights, and many more online!
    8. Dress & Accessories: Special people need special dresses and accessories right? So do the expecting mom and dad too! Get a stunning sash that reads: MOM-TO-BE” and a badge for dad that reads “DAD-TO-BE” to honor the special people of the day. Also, consider adding a tiara for the mother!
    9. Cake for the Occasion: Be more creative while picking your baby shower cake. If you have already ordered cake according to your theme, consider adding a gorgeous cake topper to honor the parents and transform the cake completely.
    10. Giveaways for the Guest: Last but not the least, giveaways are important! Honor your guest with your token of love through giveaways. You can get sweets and toys for kids and key chains, cards, flowers, sweets for adults.

    Why Choose NJ?

    When it comes to baby shower decoration and the options for baby shower decoration items, there is nothing we can’t do. We have worked across several clients and with several successful events, we understand what works best and what does not when it comes to baby shower party decoration. While we talk about our huge variety of baby shower decorations at a reasonable price, we are steeped in quality customer service and same-day delivery options for our customers. We serve as your party decoration partner and take an approach to make your day a day to remember.

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