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Adult Birthday Decorations & Party Supplies

Birthdays are one of those rare chances when you gather your family and friends to celebrate whether you dread the thought of getting older or love to celebrate the same. Who else agrees with us that, you must be doing something fun to mark your milestone and make it a hit! And what else better can it be to gather all your favourite people together and collect all the best memories together. As a kid, everyone would be eagerly waiting for their birthdays fantasizing about birthday cake, decorations, food, gifts, games, and as an adult it can be trickier. As an adult, you can be more confused with the birthday theme and would often question yourself, WHAT NOW? And there is nothing wrong with going out for a birthday party that is specially meant for adults. We take everyone’s birthday seriously and we mean it. As it is the day to celebrate another year of getting older and wiser, special memories deserve to be treasured. Reflect another year and just be thankful for the life you have while celebrating your birthday with your loved ones all around. So now that we have talked so much about why birthdays are special, let's jump towards the trending birthday themes for an adult birthday that has so much hype nowadays..

Themes That Are on Trend for Adult Birthday Party

Becoming a year older every year does not mean that the excitement of princess or superhero-themed birthday parties is over! The years pass by and you grow up which means still there can be plenty of fun-filled adult birthday party themes! Dive into the world of all the mesmerizing and breath-taking birthday party trends that are so much in noise nowadays. We have listed some of the popular birthday party trends that have become your favorite be it your 18th birthday decoration or 50th birthday decoration.

Retro Themed Party

Take your birthday celebration to the old school level and relive the days of the retro theme. Either set up the party at a house or some venue, pick an amazing birthday party décor that can go well with all 80s and 90s birthday party theme ideas. Taking a step back in time dedicated to disco dancing, crazy clothing and groovy music can be one of the ideal themes for your next celebration. You can also outfit your party space with so many retro party decorations for adults such as disco balls, balloons, banners, and many more.

Bollywood Themed Party

We go “ga-ga” over Bollywood as it has been our heart and soul. The romance, melodramatic scenes, and humor of the core Bollywood industries can also be our birthday party theme for adults. There is no fast and hard rule to throw a Bollywood-themed party. The adult birthday party decoration of the day needs to have a real touch of India by creating fun décor which can include a photo booth, vibrant colors, and balloons too.

Rose Gold Theme Party

Cut off the slack and consider the best birthday theme for adults for stylishly celebrating your day through a rose gold-themed party. The rose gold colors can be a wonderful theme to perfectly match the classic and royal mood of the celebration. To glam up the theme and enhance the adult birthday decoration, you can pick some confetti balloons, banners, fairy lights, props, and many more.

All Pastel Themed Party

If you are ready to float with glee then all pastel-themed birthday parties can be one of the best picks to celebrate your special day. The darling pastel color palette combined with adorable balloon décor can surely be an adorable thing at your party venue. The addition of balloons can steal the whole show at the birthday celebration surrounding birthday special girl with some assortment of party decorations.

Neon and Led Themed Party

Looking forward to some vividly colorful party theme that has all neons? A neon and LED-themed party can be best to create an eye-catchy spectacle for the party visitors. Also known as glow in the dark party which has become extremely popular with not only kids but also adults. The theme offers a huge range of fun to enhance the party vibe through several neon activities and ideas. You can adorn the space with word banners that have a glowing effect in the dark, balloons, and led bands too!

Black and Golden Themed Party

Looking forward to planning a birthday party for someone special? Far more classy, traditional and elegant celebration for birthdays, black and golden themed birthday parties are all rage these days. Balloon arrangements in black and gold can be an affordable and adorable way to add a dramatic finish to the party decoration. The theme party corporates all the elegant birthday decorations for adults that compliment both the colors! Ranging from balloons, banners, photobooths, foil curtains to several accessories, there are so many things you can experiment with to make the theme more unique than ever.

Beach Themed Party

It can be mesmerizing to bring sun and the surf from the seaside to your party venue with a beach-themed birthday party. With several beach-themed adult party supplies, games treats, the party can make a splash to the celebration. If you cherish the sand between your toes, love beach music, or even crave the motion of the sea, recreate an amazing moment with the addition of all beach-themed party favors.

Birthday Decoration Stuff to Make the Celebration A HIT!

No matter whether it is your birthday or your loved ones, the thought of celebrating one more year of getting older can excite you as always. As the occasion can be the best excuse to celebrate and throw a party, it can also better excuse to get all your fantasized party decoration favors which you have been looking forward to. Below we have listed some of the trending decoration items that can make your celebration a success.

Balloon Be the Rockstar

Balloons have always been the Rockstar, so why not make your birthday celebration a huge hit with the addition of this amazing party favor? Ranging from foil, latex to confetti balloons of different shapes and sizes, there are varieties that you can go for according to your preference or theme. To make a lasting effect an alphabetic or numerical foil balloon can make wonders.

Photo-worthy Photo Booth

Nothing can justify your party other than the addition of a photo-worthy photo booth. For your birthday celebration and capture it most memorably and stylishly, photo booths can make a huge difference. Get along with everyone’s social media feed with amazing pictures!

Remind your Special Day with a Banner

Banners do shout! Yes, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message banner can be louder to announce that it is your special day! From funky patterned banners to classy and elegant color schemed birthday banners for adults, you can go for any according to your theme.

Blow the Candles

Everything goes wrong if candles are missing! Cakes and candles go hand in hand and even traditionally it has been marked! So, get some amazing classy designer candles to blow before cutting your cake. The addition of candles can make a huge difference to the entire look of your cake.

Adorn Your Cake with Toppers

Nowadays cake topper is so much in trend that, there is no any question of missing them out. Beautify your cake with the addition of amazing cake toppers that are versatile with any theme and also can be kept as a keepsake for memories.

Sash or badge to Flaunt

Feel the diva on a special day with the addition of a sash to coordinate your outfit. For girls, sash rocks their look while boys can go for a badge that reads HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Party Eye Glasses

Make a classy and funky effect with the addition of party eyeglasses. These party accessories are so much on trend nowadays that we bet you would love to experiment with your look!

Foil Curtains

Dull and empty walls make the entire party vibe boring and this why foil curtains are trending nowadays. Enhance the beauty of your wall and turn it into a happening one with foil curtains according to your theme.

Swirls to Hang Around

Swirls might sound small and negligible however, these party favors can make a huge difference too! You can add them on the end of balloons or hang them where ever you would love to enhance the party decoration.


Ribbons can be the best way to tie balloons, gift wrap, adorn the table décor, and many more and this is why they are so popular nowadays in several event decorations.

Never Miss Out These Things While Planning Adult Birthday

For your party planning experience, what time of the year it is, and how small or large you want it to be, let us begin with the preparation. We have listed some of the amazing things that should never be missed out on while planning an adult birthday party.

    1. Determine Your Budget: Consideration of budget plays an essential role to commemorate a special milestone the way you want. Budget can further assist you with the selection of venue, theme, catering, and many other aspects of the day.
    2. Selection of venue, time, and date: People often prefer attending parties that are over the weekend. However, if you are looking to celebrate the day, you can also look for any other days. Selection of venue can be another important thing. Be it indoor or outdoor, look for a venue that in the limit of your budget.
    3. Consideration of Theme: We have already talked so much about birthday themes above, however, while planning birthday celebrations, themes play an essential role. Consider planning themes for birthdays according to your preference.
    4. Make the Guestlist: Consider making a guestlist before planning your birthday. You can make the guest list according to your budget.
    5. Menu Finalization: Selection of the right caterer is the key when planning an adult birthday party. You can go for buffet style which is mostly preferred and make sure that appetizers are prepared on time, Make the menu simple yet delicious.
    6. Arrange Music: Music can make or break a celebration. If you have planned to make use of the dance floor, know the song list and arrange the music system and DJ for the same and there can nothing be more fun than a dance floor!
    7. Party Decoration: Now comes the fun element, the birthday party decoration ideas for adults! Get the party decoration is done that goes well with whatever theme you have decided. You can keep your favorite color and themes in mind. This can be the best chance to bring your personality to the forefront.
    8. Personalized Cake: How can we just miss cake? After all, birthdays are all about cake, celebration, and fun right? Get a personalized cake that perfectly calls for the birthday person’s preference and flavor. Order cake before the special day so that it gets delivered on time.
    9. Return Gifts: To honor and thank the guests for their presence, consider getting return gifts too! This can be one of the best ways to present your guests with some keepsake to treasure memories.

    Why Choose NJ?

    To us, it is not just about selling! We take pride to accentuate your special day with our best party decoration supplies. We encourage all the party fans to achieve excellence in all endeavors and meet the high expectation to throw a stunning and memorable party. To date, we have successfully brought smiling faces to several of our clients by making their auspicious event the best one. Quality has not always been a word that we use, we mean it! We are dedicated to providing the best service, high-quality party supplies for party decoration for adults. We have focused on continually evolving and adapting to the emerging party trends among the youngsters. We offer a huge variety of party decoration stuff at a reasonable price which is what makes stand out!

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