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First Birthday Decoration Items – Girl & Boy

It seems like a dream to see your kid growing up so fast and touching the first milestone of their life! And while you might be figuring out to mark the day with a grand celebration, you might be so overwhelmed to get everything done perfectly. It’s not liked your little kid will be remembering the day however, it's you who can secure the memories and later on show the little one when they grow up! Throwing a shining party bash for your family and friend can be thoughtful and ensure memories that last several years to come.

We also know that it's common to get stuck in between getting an inspirational 1st birthday decoration idea that comes to settling on a theme for your special munchkin. No worries at all! We have done all our homework for you to round up some of the favorite 1st birthday decoration ideas, trending 1st birthday party themes, planning checklists, and many more below.

Why 1st Birthday Is So Special?

1st birthday is not less than any milestone of life for parents and the child. The struggle, survival, and growth of both parent and the child have experienced together makes the special day a celebration in itself. It is the day when the little one first stepped into the world and ready to shift from months to a year in counting. This special day reminds the parents of previous months back when how the tiny feet and fingers grabbed their hand and how far they have come along with you. As parents, you might prefer selecting to have a huge and grand celebration for your baby’s first birthday that has all the 1st birthday decoration ideas to flaunt and make the celebration a special one.

For parents, the very first year is full of excitement, and sure there might be long fussy nights, hurdles of being parents for the first time, and also the wonderful growth of your child. You observe every new improvement that your kid makes and how time flies so fast. This is why all those auspicious moments of one year that you have been observing needs to be celebrated for thanking the little one for coming into your life. Babies change so rapidly so capture the special moments throughout the year so that they fully enjoy every stage of their life.

So, when you are celebrating the special day of your little one, figuring out all the perfect essentials for your guest of honor can be challenging. Just do not sweat it as we have come up with helpful party guides and ideas for your little one’s special day below. Dive into the popular first baby boy or girl birthday themes first to know how your expectations can turn into a wonderful reality.

Popular Party Themes to Go For

The importance of the celebration of the very first milestone of your kid lies behind your efforts, intention as well as happiness. Every parent wants the best for their kid and the first milestone has always been considered for them. Make their milestone a special and a unique one with the below listed wonderful 1st birthday party themes.

Trending 1st Birthday Party Themes for Boys

The Astronaut’s Birthday

The count down for the fun begins with an awesome idea of astronaut themed birthday party. An astronaut-themed birthday party is filled with green, blue, and black 1st birthday party decorations idea that captures the essence of outer space and refer to the galaxy as well. Keeping an eye for galaxy and planet decoration can help bring your vision into life. You can arrange some space-themed party favors such as balloons, banners, photo booths, and many more.

Car Themed Birthday

For all those whose kid’s first birthday party is coming up and needs an amazing theme, the car-themed birthday party can be the best choice. Racecar birthday party ideas can be exciting which includes all the car-themed first birthday decorations for boys. You can add amazing vintage car race plates and some balloons and banner flags matching the theme.

Toy Story Birthday

When it comes to Toy Story, even adults get obsessed with the theme of the birthday. The whole generation has been a great fan of it. A toy story birthday party can be the perfect pick for baby boys' first birthday party decoration. You can get the toy story-themed party favors that can greatly complement the theme.

Trending 1st Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Unicorn’s Birthday

Magical unicorn-themed birthday parties are so much on trend nowadays that they have been hit for every social media feed. For the birthday decoration for baby girls, go for magical pastel-themed unicorn party favors that can add elegance and fun to the party ambiance. A Unicorn foil balloon, pastel latex balloons, stickers, and lights can make an amazing effect!

Princess Themed Party

Your little princess has grown a year older now and this special day calls for a milestone celebration for sure. Every baby girl deserves to be treated like a princess and this is why the princess-themed first birthday parties are so much on trend now. Make the party vibes a royal and memorable one with the addition of pink and gold-themed colors.

Frozen Themed Party

Elsa has been one of the favorite Disney characters of every kid regardless of their age and even teenagers and adults too! Bringing the Frozen vibe to the party celebration can be the most exciting one while considering the 1st birthday party theme. Get all the Frozen characters to your kid’s first birthday celebration with the addition of Frozen-themed balloons, banners, or a birthday decoration kit!

1st Birthday Decoration Items That Are on Trend

Any celebration calls for a party and every party calls for a grand party decoration too. The same goes for the 1st birthday celebration which needs to be adorned with all the 1st birthday decoration ideas and items. We have listed below some of the trending 1st birthday decoration items that can make your celebration a memorable one.

  1. First birthday decoration banners: One of the best things to add to your 1st birthday decoration at the home list can be the addition of banners. The topmost trending banners for the decoration includes paper banners with HAPPY BIRTHDAY message or numerical or alphabetic foil balloon banners too! You can add the banners over a foil curtain to create an amazing backdrop.
  2. Rock the party with balloons: Balloons are the heart and soul of a party. Consider them everything about the party. No celebration can be complete without the addition of balloons so there makes no sense missing these out. From foil balloons, latex, and confetti balloons, there are several options you can get depending on size, your theme, or color.
  3. The cherry on the top with cake toppers: The next thing that has been considered a cherry on the top for decoration for 1st birthday is cake toppers! Nowadays various ranges of cake toppers can be seen and you can go for amazingly designed cake toppers that are not unique but also perfectly go well according to your decided theme.
  4. Blow the candles: Do not think that only the addition of a topper can be a great excuse to miss out on candles! Blowing a candle before the caking cut is a tradition after all! So many numerical candles to theme-based candles can be purchased to make the cake look more grand and attractive.
  5. Whimsical fairy lights: The addition of fairy light can be the best 1st birthday decoration at home that can transform the entire party vibe into the most happening one. Be it indoor or outdoor, party lights have made a remarkable trend in every celebration decoration.
  6. Flag banners to adorn the space: Another most trending party essential for the first birthday decoration for a girl or the first birthday decoration for a boy can be the addition of flag banners. They look super cool when added accordingly to the party theme.
  7. Party stickers for lasting effect: Nothing can make a lasting effect more effective than the addition of party stickers to your empty wall. No matter what your theme is, there are several options for stickers that go perfectly well with your theme!
  8. Goggles and Ribbons: Get some comfortable funky paper goggles for kids and your birthday girl or boy to make a lasting memory. Ribbons are also on-trend for decoration purposes as well as for gift wrapping.
  9. Special Birthday Caps: We very well know that little cute babies look super cute while wearing special birthday caps. Add this essential to your party theme so that you get a very exciting celebration.
  10. Pom Poms: Hang them or tie them anywhere, pom poms are super fun, cool, and trending 1st birthday party decoration stuff too! Ranging from several colors to shape and size, you can go for accordingly.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning First Birthday

We very well know now that how much 1st birthday party themes and 1st birthday party decoration are essential for throwing a memorable party. However, there are few other essentials that you can never miss out on while planning a successful party. We have shed some light on things that you need to consider before planning any birthday party.

  1. Budget is the must: One of the most essential things while planning any birthday party is the budget. Until and unless you know how much you afford to spend on your kid’s 1st birthday party, you will not settle for a thoughtful decision. Instead, you will be burning out your money. Make a budget plan and then look ahead for other essentials.
  2. Decide the venue, and guest list: After that, you have successfully quoted your budget, it is time to fix the venue according to your affordability. Does not matter what venue you select; it can be your house or any outdoor venue. After selection of venue, select the perfect day and then guests whom you would want to invite to be a part of your happiness. Guestlist also depends upon your budget.
  3. Perfect birthday theme: Another important aspect that needs to be considered while planning the 1st birthday for your little one is the party theme. We have already discussed few details of the same above. However, as a part of a planning birthday party, consideration of theme plays the main role because this is where you can further decide your decoration, activities, cake, and other things.
  4. Menu for the day: As it is your little one’s special day, try adding delicacies that are their favorite. Get the menu that also includes kids favorite food. Make it simple and delicious so that your guests enjoy it. According to your budget, you may hire a caterer, prepare yourself, or order from a good restaurant too.
  5. 1st birthday party decoration: The most important planning that needs to be considered to make your kid’s 1st birthday party is the consideration of the decoration. There are so many party essentials such as banners, balloons, pompoms, photo booth props, foil curtains, lights, and many more. Go for the party decoration that goes well with your decided party theme.
  6. Addition of activities and music: No party is called a party without any entertainment. The day calls for enjoyment and happiness and there is no chance that you can miss anything out. Consider adding some entertaining activities, games for kids and adults, and also music to jazz up the party vibe. You can also arrange a separate and safe play zone for kids so that they enjoy the party.
  7. Birthday cake: Next important aspect of any birthday party is the cake! Your kid's first birthday party deserves a special cake. Go for a cake customized based on your kid's theme party. You can order the cake earlier to be on the safer side so that it gets delivered on time.
  8. Return gifts: Last but not the least, return gifts are important too! If your budget allows, you can manage some return gifts for kids and adults as well as a token of memory or a keepsake.

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