Father's Day Decorations

When is Father’s Day in 2021?

This special day dedicated to all the fathers is celebrated across the world to recognize the contribution made by father figures and fathers for their children. Although this specific day dedicated to the father is celebrated on various dates across the world, one main motto of celebrating the date is to celebrate fatherhood as well as male parenting. This special day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and in 2021 this special day falls on June 20, 2021, in India. This date varies from various countries.

History & Significance of the Day

As per records and significant evidence, Father’s Day first originated in the U.S. and was celebrated in 1910. This day dates back to 1908 when a church in West Virginia held a sermon for an occasion to honor 362 men who were killed due to the explosion caused by coal mining. This was the first-ever occasion when the country honored fathers while same way this special day came into prevalence when Ms. Sonora Louis Smart Dodd decided to pay tribute to her father for raising her and her siblings after her mother had died. Sonora Smart Dodd started her quest to celebrate Father’s Day as a national holiday. After a year of petitioning her government and the community, the state of Washington celebrated its first official Father’s Day on June 19, 1910. After this onward this special day became popular across the world. It was finally declared as a national holiday in 1972 when former president Richard Nixon signed it into law. The concept of celebrating this special day unlike other countries is quite new in India. However, India also celebrates this special day every third Sunday of June.

Father’s Day 2021: Significance

A child’s love for his/her father can infinite and the importance of the role of the father in a child’s life can never be neglected at all. He is also a mother, also a brother, also your companion as a friend, and also a superhero who is ready to take on everyday challenges. This is the reason why we can not deny the fact that a single day can never be enough to celebrate the special contribution of this great figure of your life. However, to celebrate the special bond between children and their father, the special day is celebrated every year in India on the third week of June. This year this special day falls on June 20, 2021, to appreciate the importance of their life. This special day is meant to recall and recognize the endless efforts, contributions, and sacrifices made by your father.

Why Celebrate Father’s Day?

As a child when we consider, all that our father has done for us, be it from providing us with all our needs to fixing our issues, celebrating Father’s Day reflects Dad just how much we as children appreciate him. The celebration of this big day reminds us of the significance and challenges of fatherhood. As fathers have a cultural image of breadwinner, authority figure, they do not get often the chance to enjoy the intimacy and admiration similar to mothers. According to our tradition, our fathers have been put into a very difficult role. They are supposed to be aloof, earn, compassionate and disciplined too! Although this is not similar with all the families. So, as we celebrate Father’s Day for that special person in our life who we call father, remember that he may seem remote but is close to you like your mother. No matter if he may seem tough, his strictness also has love. So, show your love to him and shower your dad with an abundance of praise, acknowledgment, and praise. Trust us! He will love it!

Different Ways & Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day

A Road Trip with Your Dad

Your father might have a hectic schedule from morning to evening working hard for his family. Consider a break day for him from all his hectic daily schedule and take him on a weekend road trip. A road trip can be perfect to help strengthen your bond with your dad and also spend some quality time together. You can also plan a road trip with your family so that the entire family can spend a great time together.

Bake a Cake Together

We know this might not sound like something that might be looking for as you might have been ordering a surprise cake every year. This is why do something different this year! Bake a cake together with your dad even though you both are not that good at baking. Get online tutorials and learn to bake together which can be fun and help you spend some amazing time together with your dad.

Plan a Surprise Party

Another amazing idea to do something special for your father can be throwing a surprise party for your father on this big day. Will all the amazing Father’s Day decoration ideas, you can throw a stunning Father’s Day surprise party to make him feel special. Consider picking a perfect Father’s Day party theme and Call his favorite buddies and plan a party. Celebrating this day and getting some time to spend with his friends can make him feel super happy!

Decorate his Room that Reflects Your Love and Respect

Nothing can be surprising and heart-touching than a surprise room decoration for Father’s Day. With inspirational Father’s Day decoration ideas at home, you can easily get some Father’s Day party supplies such as happy Father’s Day balloons and happy Father’s Day balloon banners too to decorate the room.

Watch Movies Together

It can be thoughtful to spend some quality time with your father on Father’s Day. Plan a movie day together be it at home or outdoor, and book tickets for his favorite or newly released movie. Cross one more thing off your dad’s bucket list, track down his favorite movies that are available to stream, or can be rented. You can cozy up on the couch for an all-day movie marathon at home with your father.

Serve His Star Brunch

One of the perfect ways to start this special day can be a table full of his favorite dishes of course. Wow, your father with the all-star spread of his special dishes, and yes do not forget some beverages and desserts too! You can also decorate the stuff with some Father’s Day party supplies.

A Family Game Together

Let your dad lean towards his competitive side during a family game night together on Father’s Day. If your dad loves some sports or any kind of board game, this is a plus point to pick something full of entertainment.

Pamper Him with Spa Day

Who says only girls want to be pampered? Dads deserve some pampering too! Turn your home into a relaxing spa with some soft music and lighting candles. Book a home spa appointment and also gift him a bag full of self-care goodies..

Get His Favorites as Gift

Another special idea to celebrate this special day and honor your father can be gifting him something surprising and special. Get some creative and thoughtful ideas to gift him something that he has been long longing for. It can be a personalized wallet, accessories, gadgets, clothes, or whatever that is in your budget. If he is a travel lover, you can get him a vacation ticket to some exotic destination too!

A Memorable Photo Shoot Together

Last but not the least, another great idea to celebrate and mark this special day can be a memorable photoshoot together with your father. Spice up the celebration and hit it up with some memories with pictures that include fun, excitement, and happy moments together. You can also get some photo booth props to make the pictures more interesting.

Trending & Popular Father’s Day Decoration Items

With an idea for Father’s Day 2021 decorations, selected Father’s Day party theme, the special day for dad can be created easily at home. As the special day is all around the corner, so does the old question. What can I do for my dad on Father’s Day? There are so many things that you can do which can be something that will take his interest. If staying at home is on the cards for this special day, you can ensure a great Father day celebration party at home too! We have listed below some of the best and popular Father’s Day decoration items that can create memories.

Shower Your Love with Father’s Day Balloon Ideas.

The addition of the Happy Father’s Day Balloon can add a glamorous touch to your father’s special party. If you are interested in getting an amazing decoration for the day using elegant and subtle balloon accents, metallic, foil, latex, or confetti Father’s Day balloons can be easily incorporated into your décor as long as you are aware of the perfect visual balance. It can be tempting to add several balloons based on the Father’s Day party theme if you want something that remains harmonious and entertaining. A MOUSTACHE, CHAMPAGNE, or BEER foil balloon can be really attractive when added with other stuff.

Top Up the Cake with Happy Father’s Day Topper

If you are not sure about the design of the cake for this special day, perhaps starting with some stunning Happy Father’s Day topper design can represent the best solution for you. Consideration of cake topper can give you a better perspective on the way your cake should be as even a simple round cake looks royal with the addition of a cake topper.

Balloon or Paper Banners to Accentuate the Backdrop

The addition of a happy fathers' day balloon banner or a normal paper-based banner can be helpful and truly make a dull space more exciting with its shiny touch. The best way to add a banner is by paying attention to the Father’s Day party theme.

Swirl Decoration for the Day

The addition of swirl decoration can be a solid example of trendy Father’s Day party decoration that can make a room feel more elegant and whimsical. The use of silver and gold swirl decoration represents an interesting way to make your party decoration more glamorous.

Lights to Brighten Up Space

Going too much glitz and gold can make the space look tacky make sure you do not go overboard while decoration. Add some warm LED lights for a stylish and brightening accent to impress your dad and guests. Lights can be an essential piece in your party space to make a classy statement.

Father’s Day Decoration Combo

To make your entire decoration task extremely easy and time-saving, you can opt for such combos that are dedicated to father’s day decoration. Go for combos that have banners, balloons, and other party accessories.

Flag Banner for Decoration

Making the room attractive and more elegant can be easily achieved with help of the addition of a flag banner for decoration. Try out gold and white-themed banners or any other banners as it only takes a bit of inspiration and imagination to turn your basic decoration into a more glamorous one.

Grand Celebration with Party Poppers

Consideration of party popper can add a fun and festive vibe to your celebration. Get some party poppers to surprise your dad on his special day.

A Perfect Backdrop with Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props can boast great versatility as they can accentuate the party space decoration as well as great for a photo shoot. Replace the old party supplies with some props that represent a simple yet elegant and effective method to boost the fun factor to your area.

Amazing Foil Curtain Décor to Jazz Up Space

Your party space can benefit from some glitzy element that can be provided by foil curtains. Some stunning foil curtains in shades of gold, silver, black, blue, and many more can make a subtle visual impression and create an inviting atmosphere for everyone. They can make a great backdrop for your celebration and jazz up space too!

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