Mother's Day Decorations

When Is Mother’s Day in 2021?

The celebration of motherhood denotes the special day known as Mother’s Day which deserves to be celebrated with special efforts. The day also denotes the way to appreciate the role of our mother in our lives. This auspicious day is also extended to mother generations including a grandmother and great grandmothers.

In India, Mother’s Day in India varies every year and usually falls on the second Sunday of May. This year, the day will be celebrated on May 9, 2021, and is not considered a public holiday.

History & Significance of The Day

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908. It all started when a woman Anna Jarvis tributed a memorial for her mother at the Methodist Church of St. Andrew’s in Grafton, West Virginia. After her mother passed away in 1905, she began a campaign aimed to recognize Mother’s Day as a holiday in the U.S. After she had requested to make the special day a public holiday, it was denied by the authorities. The U.S. started observing this very special day as a holiday in 1911 to shower their gratitude for their mothers.

In 1941, former President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation to honour mothers and designated the second Sunday of May as a national holiday. This day is now celebrated in modern ways in almost 46 countries including India on different dates. People celebrate this special day with great enthusiasm and joy while organizing several traditions to pay tribute to their mothers.

Mother’s Day 2021: Significance

This special day of the year is celebrated in several parts of the world to express honour, respect, and love towards the selfless love and contribution of a mother. This day is dedicated to showing gratitude towards acknowledging efforts of maternal bold and also the role of mothers in our society. Mothers are recognized as the glue that holds the family bond together no matter how much that glue has been underappreciated. Celebrating the special day dedicated just to the mother acknowledges the women who get all done to unify the family unity. This day also allows us t reflect on who we want to be as a family!

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is an auspicious day that showcases the role of a mother in your life. The day is meant for honouring the maternal bond as well as motherhood. This day is celebrated on different dates across the world in March and May. However, in India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May which fall on May 9, 2021, this year.

There is an old saying “As god could not be present everywhere, so he made a mother.” They are the first mentos, guides, and first friends of every individual. This day is dedicated and celebrated to thank all the mothers and express our love to them. We know that only a single day can’t be acceptable to shower our respect and love for the one who is the reason for our presence. Mothers deserve special treatment every day! This is why celebrate her every day and more especially on Mother’s Day that has been recognized worldwide.

Different Ways & Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

One of the best gifts on this special day that you can gift to your mother is your time. Even though this year is not what exactly we had planned or supposed it to be, this long-awaited day for in-person visits to your mother (for those who are far away) may not be a viable option. So, what might be forcing a socially distanced son or daughter to do to honour the most essential woman in their life?

If you have planned to go beyond a simple Mother’s Day celebration day and want to celebrate this day more differently, we have listed some ideas for you to mark this special day.

Shower a Flower Bouquet

Flowers are considered means to lift the mood of people and make them happy. If your mother loves flowers then a handmade flower bouquet of your mother’s favourite flower would be a stunning and perfect idea to wish your mother on Mother’s Day. Show your love and how much you adore her with her favourite flowers.

Breakfast in Bed for Mom

Start your mother’s special day with breakfast in bed. See that heart-touching smile on her face when she sees special breakfast for her. Prepare her favourite breakfast and also do not forget to add a sweet note with the breakfast to express how much you love your mother and feel lucky enough to have her in your life.

A Day Off for Your Mother

Mothers are on duty 365 days a year! Since your birth, she has never left any stone unturned to be on duty and fulfil all your wishes. So, why not give her a day off. After all, she deserves a holiday and gets free from household chores on Mother’s Day. Encourage your mother to relax and sit back or have fun with friends.

A Surprise Party to Surprise Her

Throwing a surprise party for your mother on Mother’s Day can be thoughtful. Add some glam and jazz to the party with the addition of Mother’s Day decoration such as Mother’s Day banner decoration and balloons. A themed party can also be one of the best Mother’s Day decorations ideas.

Valuable Time Together

Treat the special woman of your life as a queen and spend the whole day with her. You can do her favourite things together. Watch movies together, gossip together, have meals, and include all the best times together in your list!

Lovely Surprise Gift

Gifts are loved by everybody and we are sure you know your mother good enough to know her choice too! From jewellery, apparel, décor items to accessories, there can be several gift ideas that can be offered to your mother on a special day as a token of love.

Pamper Her!

For all mother’s mental and physical health, relaxation can be great. You can book spa sessions, pedicures, refreshing facial, or massage to pamper your mother on this special day. This will give her much-needed time and pamper her in the best way.

Trending & Popular Mother’s Day Decoration Items
    1. A Stunning Banner Setting: Nothing says a special day like a festive and fun atmosphere than the addition of a banner dedicated to the special day. Dress up your Mother’s Day party with a classy and easy-to-pack Mother’s Day banner. Selection from Insta-worthy banners in classic and metallic colors can be a great happy Mother’s Day room decoration. The addition of a banner can be a great Mother’s Day decoration idea to accentuate your party space and wish your mother more stylishly.
    2. Balloons to Enhance the Celebration: This favourite day to celebrate our mother deserves special Mother’s Day decoration and nothing calls celebration more than shiny and gorgeous balloons. The addition of several balloons can make her feel extra special and show how much you appreciate her. They can be an unexpected and mesmerizing gift to spread your love. You can go for balloons according to your party theme and colour scheme to make the party decoration a memorable one.
    3. Lights that Brighten Up Space: Start your mother’s special day with some lights and festive vibrance. Give them a break to relax with her family and friends during her happy hours. The addition of fairy lights can be an easy yet impressive refreshment option for Mother’s Day decoration. String lights arrangement has become one of the popular trends. No matter what message you would want to pass, string lights can make you though shine as bright as lights. You can create letters using the lights to showcase your wishes. You can also get a LED Photo Strip light to display all the special moments of your mother and yours.
    4. Foil Balloon Banners to Express Love: Another best and trending option for Mother’s Day decoration 2021 can be the addition of an alphabetic foil banner to wish your mother the most stylishly. You can go for banners that read “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY,” “I LOVE YOU MOM,” “World’s Best Mom.” To surprise your mom! Ranging from rose gold, golden to silver, you can go for these versatile colors that go pretty well with any theme.
    5. Flag Banner for Decoration: No matter what occasion it is, the addition of a flag banner can be an amazing Mother’s Day decoration idea for your mom’s special day. Flag banners look amazing when paired with other party favours. You can add flag banners below other banners and go for a gold or silver theme that complements the decorations.
    6. Party Accessories: Another surprising and amazing idea to add to your Mother’s Day decoration can be the addition of a party accessory such as a tiara or headband. Make your mom feel like a queen with the addition of a tiara that matches perfectly well with your mom’s attire!
    7. Party Poppers: It’s your mother’s special day and highlights your Mother’s Day decoration most extraordinarily this time! While you might have arranged a cake for her special day, pop confetti or rose popper while she cuts the cake. You can also pop the poppers during her entry to the party. Make a celebrative and party vibe this year with party poppers! Party blowers or poppers can be a fun way to get your mother excited about celebrating the special day.
    8. Swirl Decorations for Ceiling: We very well know that you would be thrilled to make your mother’s special day most especially. The addition of swirl decorations for the ceiling during their Mother’s Day decoration can be the best idea. Swirl decorations are evergreen and look amazing while added with other party favours. You can hang them on the entrance, balloons, or other areas to enhance the party decoration and the party space.

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