Office Birthday Celebration Ideas with Social Distancing

Office Birthday Celebration Ideas with Social Distancing

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has let everyone work from home maintaining social distancing as precaution measures. But, just because the practice of social distancing and quarantining at home does not mean that one can not have little fun. This year many of you might have been unable to celebrate your birthday with your office colleagues like you used to do. Why not make this year's birthday celebration a bit different rather than going on the same cake cutting and treating rituals that you have been doing every year. Whether you live alone or with a partner or family, you might be missing your office colleagues too on this very special day. Now that remote working is normal and we bet it is here to stay even after COVID-19, companies should celebrate small as well as big milestones of employees together maintaining social distance. One of the essential milestones can be the birthday of your employees. Now you might be thinking how staying apart can call for celebration together right? No worries, we have amazing ways for you through which you can make your colleague’s birthday special and even memorable than before.

A Virtual Party

You can get everyone on a video call and sing the Happy Birthday song and celebrate birthdays together. Just because you all are apart from each other does not mean that you can not celebrate together. Physical together does not matter when your intentions even after being apart is full of love, care, and understanding.

Send Them Flowers

When you are confused about the birthday surprise, you can always bring smile on their face with flowers. You can drop off as many flowers as you can afford at their front door to surprise them.

Favourite Cake!

You can take the surprise for birthday and its celebration to the next level by ordering and sending a delicious cake that too favorite flavor of the birthday person. There are plenty of online portals that give you options for cake paired with soft toys, flowers, or chocolates. Make your colleague feel special with this surprise gift.

A Heart Touching Personalized Video

Not everyone can be pro in video editing of making a video that is too personalized. You get several apps on the online store that can be downloaded for free. If you do not know how to edit and make a personalized video, these apps can lead you with your desired results. Personalized video wishing Happy Birthday or video showing messages from every single colleague can be more effective and memorable.

Movie Night Together

At present, who does not binge watch Netflix? Now you can install Party Extension of Netflix in Chrome and set to watch the movie together with your colleagues. Earlier there were times when we used to go to the theatre to watch movies but now you can watch together through the party extension that too at the comfort of your house and maintaining safe social distancing.

Gaming Session

The multiplayer options on several video games out there can give you enormous entertainment when your social distancing mode is on. On your colleague’s birthday, you can play games together to avoid boredom!

Shower Them with Gifts

Who does not love surprise gifts? Birthdays not only your milestone but also is about gifts! You can not meet your office colleagues however you can get them their favorite perfumes, bags, clothes, sunglasses, watches, and many more. Shower their birthday with gifts to make them feel the importance of their presence in your life!

Even if you all are apart, do not forget that your love and care bonds you all together. The above-given ideas can be best to come together and celebrate the birthday of your teammates during these tough times when social distancing has been crucially important for everyone’s safety.

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