Perfect Outdoor Gifts For Perfect Partner

Perfect Outdoor Gifts For Perfect Partner

A special day is coming. 14th February is a unique day dedicated to couples – Valentine’s Day. Every time this day, prices for flowers and bouquets increase tremendously. Chocolates and plushies are selling faster than usual. Long queues are commonly seen outside of restaurants, which are often reserved weeks before Valentine’s Day.

Have you been cracking your brain cells so much and yet you still have no brilliant idea on what to buy as a gift to your beloved partner? Or does your partner find your gifts boring, as the years go by? Or you and your partner only go on a common date routine on a special day like this with dinner, flowers, movie and night walk or drive?

Fear not, we have several uniquely romantic gift ideas that you can consider surprising your beloved:

Adventurous Couple

If your partner loves adventures, you can consider bringing your other half to a remote camping site or beach, far away from your usual city environment. Let loose your adventurous spirits and be prepared to set up campfire. Have your meals cooked over the campfire and build up a tent for the night. Upon nightfall, you may surprise your other half with the starry sky, when both of you lie down on the beach mats. The weather in such remote sites and beaches tends to be very chilly at night. Hence, it will be ideal for you to prepare this adventure with lots of blankets, bring thermal warmers and even a thermal flask, so that you can keep both of you warm.

Animal Lovers Couple

If your other half is an animal lover, surprise him or her with a trip to the animal shelters or perhaps even animal-theme cafes, where animals can keep your other half snuggled and blissed in happiness.

Healthy Lifestyle Couple

Does your partner love the winds and the relaxation in the outdoors? Why not to have a uniquely romantic yet healthy date on Valentine’s day? Surprise her by bringing her to a wide outdoor space, where you have prepared a double seater bicycle to ride through the enjoyable breeze! You can also prepare a picnic basket along for snacks and meals, while enjoying the sunset.

Overwork Need Rest Couple

Are both your lives entwined with work more often than yourselves? Then why not just spend precious time on this special day for a twosome quiet time, without any disturbances? With all the modern technologies in communication and stuff, work seems to be surrounding us all the time. Have this Valentine’s Day spent with just the two of you, switch off all communication modes for the time being, have yourselves locked in the house, enjoy the quiet atmosphere with a candle-lit homecooked dinner, music playing and lots of snuggling and cuddling while watching a movie with your home theatre, and the night will just become better and more romantic!

Photography and Filmography Fan

Is your other half a photo-acholic or a photo-fanatic? Spend this special day with your valentine with lots of photo-shooting or filming a candid video or even a music video of your own!

Regardless of what gift ideas you have for your other half, so long as there is love and trust between a couple like yourselves, any ordinary day can be treated as Valentine’s Day.

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