Most Popular & Trending Birthday Decoration Ideas for Adults in Delhi

Most Popular & Trending Birthday Decoration Ideas for Adults in Delhi

Birthday is like a festival, where you enjoy the day with your dearest people. Being a kid, it was quite easy to throw a theme party to your friends and enjoy your day. After growing up we usually spend this day with the closest ones and keep it warm and simple. But how about having a great birthday bash on your upcoming birthday?

Today we are going to tell you how you can have a theme birthday party in Delhi and host it with utmost fun and comfy. Let us look at some of the best birthday decoration theme.

Classy and sassy

Cake, balloons, ribbons, these are the props we also used to have while having our birthday party as kid. But choosing these elements of some specific colours and decorating it in particular way can win the card for a classy birthday bash. Including colours like black, grey, golden, beige, maroon, white and peach to your daily decoration can give it a classy taste. Another way is to use props like wine glass, lamps, flowers of white or peach colour, involving candles with decoration can give it a better look.


A birthday party can be filled with essence of beauty and love by decorating it with flowers. Flowers give the best and grandeur look to any celebration. A party can give its grace by using a flower decoration. Different flower according to the taste of the birthday person can be used as the decoration theme. For example, peach and white can be used to make the decoration mild, pink to give it a cherry taste etcetera.

Bolly world

To make the party more fun, bollywood can be also choose as the theme of the party and decoration can be made accordingly. Decorations like lights, film roles, using props of a specific set, decorating the house to make the people relieve the movie again, giving costume theme to the guest can be a really good way to turn the party into bollywood world. Even using Even using heavy chandeliers and lamps can give a special inch to the theme. Standee of superstars can be included in the party decoration to make it more real.

Colour theme

Colour not only makes the decoration looks beautiful, but focusing on single colour can turn the party more gorgeous. Supposedly the party colour can be decided as blue. Apart from letting the guest know the theme of their outfit, all the decoration should be focused on this particular colour. A second colour can be also used to get rid of mono colour to make it more gorgeous. Another idea is to have a black and white ball theme. It would be classy and quite attractive for the guest.

Night party

The birthday party can converted to a beautiful night party theme by decorating the complete party with lights. Light of different type and style can be used. The party can be both indoor and outdoor. The party can also use props like stars to give it a better impact and make the decoration much more spectacular.


Bringing the past back in a party can actually make the theme and decoration more thrilling. Retro theme can lead to involvement of the guest through their outfits. The decoration of retro theme can be inspired by old movies. Years like 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s can be choose. The movies can be Bollywood or Hollywood. In retro theme, chessboard mat can be spread on floor or put up on wall. Polka dots balloon can be included. Colourful crockery can be placed. Ribbons are other decorative items.


While retro gives a great essence, vintage is another way to make your birthday party decoration really attractive. The party should be filled with vintage items and decoration. The wall decorative items should involve colours like golden and beige. Beautiful old lamps, vintage crockery, and other old looking items should be part of the birthday decoration.

Candy buffet party

Candies are not only a treasure for the kids, but can also amuse the adults. Decoration can be done using candies or items which resembles candies. Through candy, different props can be made which will attract the guest, making them excited about the items present.

Princess theme

This can sound like childish for many, but once a girl feels like princess, she always becomes one. Even adult can consider this theme to make their party more special. As the stories tells, a fragile and beautiful decoration can make the room glow with enchantment. A magical land can be created through this theme to give more flavor to it.

Horror night

Celebrating Halloween never gets old, and so is this theme. Those who are fond of supernatural things can consider it to be one of the greatest themes. It can include various haunted props on the walls and around. Horror standee can also be used. The guest can be asked to wear costumes to make the party more fun. The party can further involve watching horror movie at the end of the party so that spookiness remains at its top.

Different birthday theme can make your birthday party more special. Adults can have a proper birthday bash and can be the best host through giving a part to the guest to play. Birthdays can become more enthusiastic through different methods to indulge the guest, like organizing different games which related to the theme. Film can be also projected to make the guest more comfortable in enjoying the party.

Decoration can also be done by choosing a single material. For example, the whole room can be decorated with cards. This also turns out to be quite different and attractive to the people. Thus various decoration theme can be choose by adults to make their day more special and making it more appealable to the people visiting your place for the day.

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