Most Popular Halloween Costume Theme for Girls in 2021

Most Popular Halloween Costume Theme for Girls in 2021

The epic, courageous, and brave characters often inspire up to be confident enough in our lives that is why dressing up oneself in Halloween can be one of the best ideas for girls! So, girls! Autumn has come closer and it is time to start thinking about what to wear on this Halloween. You have such an amazing chance to flaunt your creativity by transforming yourself into an amazing eye catchy costume and makeup. But we know putting up all these in words is easy however actually selection of any character and theme can be a very daunting task. There are so many choices to select or your friend might be doing the same what you have planned leaving you with no option. So, to make your task a bit easy, we have mixed and matched some of the costumes which can make your Halloween Party revolve around you as we bet you will look super cool and become the show’s topper for sure.


Dc superhero has humungous hype among youth as well as children. Especially the Harley Quinn character has been so famous that who would not like to dress like her as her costume, makeup, the hairdo is just so fab. You can add some props like an inflatable hammer or bat to finish the style and now you are ready to step outside to join your friends for this Halloween.

Be the Mermaid of the Day

So why not become part of the Little Mermaids world and become Ariel in real life. You all might have watched how Ariel would just look gorgeous whatever she wore. Dress up gorgeously like her with a shoulder strap and peplum that sits on top of your skirt. You can put on a wig like her along with some jewelry to give a finishing touch.

Barbie of the Day!

WOHO! Now you got the chance to wear something pink! Barbie has been one of the favourite for all children and even grown-ups today. Her beautiful eyes, whatever she wears, her hair, makeup everything inspires girl. Try to find a vintage Barbie shirt along with super cool skirts. You can pair up with heels and wear a funky wig as well.

Let Alice Be in Wonderland

Don’t tell us you have never heard of Alice. Alice and the wonderland have been a huge hit among children, adults, and elders too! From storybook to movies of Alice in Wonderland has been a huge hit! You can make your self Alice with a blueish wig, tutu, and top with accessories such as hairbands, suspenders, and many more. Just amaze the guests with your creativity and cherish your memories of Alice in Wonderland.

Be the Princess, Be Jasmine!

Now that you got some amazing idea to give yourself royal touch, why not become Aladdin’s Jasmine this Halloween? You can transform yourself into Jasmine inspired by the Aladdin movie of Disney. Put on some vibrant color costume with gorgeous hair braids with some pinch of jewelry and rock the Arabian Kingdom!

Kitty Cat Woman!

If you have not heard about Catwoman then let us tell you that she is one of the best American superhero characters of DC Comics. Those who have watched the movie Cat Woman would recognize her. You can convert yourself into her with an amazing black dress paired up with long black gloves and tiny cute cat ears too!

Minnie Mouse!

Now comes the favorite character of almost every generation! Minnie Mouse! Yes, you can dress really like Minnie Mouse this Halloween. From children to grownups everyone just loves her character. Cute, funny, funky all in one right. So, pair up your red bodysuit with Minnie mouse ears and white tutu. And yeah! paint your tip of nose black and there you go! Minnie Mouse of the day!

Now that we have listed so many options for you to recreate yourself this Halloween, who will you be this Halloween? There are so many options beyond our list and you can simply do so much from your creative skill. Get inspired by a mix-and-match costume and rock the day with your friends!

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