Best Birthday Party Decoration Themes For Girls in 2020

Best Birthday Party Decoration Themes For Girls in 2020

Birthday themes have become the trend in the town. Ditching those old school birthday parties, parents now want to take their kids to a brand new world of fantasy with themed birthday parties. 

Are you wondering what to do for your little princess’ birthday this year? We’ve got your back! Dish out some bills and watch how your girls goes on a trip with her friends to a magical land where only dreams come true.

Drown in fantasy with Unicorn

Set up a magical world for your little girl on her birthday with a unicorn birthday theme decoration. Who wouldn’t like to be an angel surrounded by colourful unicorns and surreal rainbows? Get yourself a unicorn birthday banner, some unicorn horns and fairy outfits for your girl and her friends and see the party take over like a storm. These birthday girl party supplies are easy to get and magically send the birthday girl and her guests to a fairyland of all things pink and sparkle. 

I’m a Barbie girl

If there’s a toy that little girls are proud of owning, it is the Barbie Doll. Barbie doll birthday girl decorations are all the rage. While you transform your house into a doll house with Barbie birthday banners, streamers, and a mini runway, dress up your little girl in a doll-like outfit and have her and her friends parade on the runway like cute little dolls. One of the most popular girl’s birthday party ideas, this one is sure to rock the world of your little princess. 

In a mermaid’s world

Go a little unconventional with one of the most exciting birthday party themes. A mermaid birthday theme for girls is a trendy one at that. With blue, golden, and pink brightening the whole setup, this theme gives your little girl and her friends a chance to dress up as mermaids and see the magic of the underwater world. Mermaid birthday streamers, crowns, shells, and more take the whole baby girl’s birthday decoration up a notch. 

Frozen to the bone? 

Shimmer and glimmer with the Frozen themed girls birthday party this year. Why? Because it is THE thing. Have your little girl and her friends dress up as Elsa and Anna while you transform your house into a castle with snowy linen all around to give it the look of the Frozen world. Birthday girl party supplies for Frozen themed celebration will only make it all better. You know the drill. 

Peppa pig fun

Get your little girl’s birthday party going with the super fun Peppa Pig birthday girl party supplies. Who doesn’t like the cute little peppa pig! After all, it is one of the most exciting animated characters out there. Dish some peppa pig foil balloons out, hang in those colourful peppa pig banners and streamers and watch how your home turns into the perfect peppa pig world. Oh, and by the way, a peppa pig cake will only make your baby girl happier. #justsaying 

These were a few birthday girl decoration ideas for you to get that party rolling. Go work them already! 

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