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Kids Birthday Decorations & Party Supplies

Birthdays are considered always as an old aged tradition which includes gifts, cakes and few exciting games. Birthday parties are loved by all age groups, especially children! One of the huge reasons that we consider is that birthday parties are essential to celebrate your child’s development and to even ensure their higher self-esteem. Having a themed birthday party can ramp the jazziness and fun for everyone attending the celebration.

So, let us begin with a simple and short question!

Who doesn’t love parties? It is not mandatory for everyone to loves it but many of you like it and enjoy the kid’s birthday party idea of at least throwing a party. There is no denying that kids are fonder of birthday parties as it is the most exciting day of the year for them. Kids keep on counting days, weeks, or months for this special day.

As nowadays, the expectation of people has been high for their events, guests, on the other hand, want to be entertained as they look for memorable and unique experiences. Consideration of theme for your kid’s birthday party can act as one of the best catalysts for success. Themed-birthday parties for children not only add excitement to the event but also directs one to prepare the event while allowing guests to identify the means of communication. A well-chosen and fun-filled birthday theme can generate buzz for the entire guests. Themes ranging from cartoon characters such as FROZEN, PEGGA PIG, DISNEY Characters, Harry Potter, Superhero, sports, to tutti fruity and animals, there are so many creative kid’s birthday party ideas that you can go for to commemorate your child’s special milestone.

While there might be changes in party change, one thing that always stays the same is the celebration of the special day making fuss among people we love. The creation of a children’s birthday party can make the children remember long after they blow out the candles and the most attractive thing that comes is the curation of kid’s birthday decoration items. We know how much love and care you put in planning your kid’s birthday and the selection of the right party decoration stuff can make a huge difference.

What are Trending Kids Birthday Decoration items?

As we have already shed light on theme parties and how cool trend, they have been these days, with so many characters and movies to select, a whole lot of fun to add kids birthday party supplies can be best to pick. A themed birthday party can help planners to get certain kid’s birthday party ideas and colors to make the arrangement more convenient. If you are also planning a birthday party for your little toddler and wondering what birthday decoration items for kids can be best to pick, we have figured out some of the amazing ideas according to your kid’s preference.

  1. THEMED BIRTHDAY BALLOONS: The addition of balloons for your kid’s birthday decoration can make a huge difference to the vibe of the party. After all, no birthday is ever complete without the addition of balloons. Transform your kid's birthday decoration to a whole new level with the addition of super cute and unique birthday balloons. Ranging from latex to foil balloons and confetti balloons according to your theme and color code there are several options to enhance your kid's birthday party decoration. Most of you also might agree with the fact that balloons are an important part of decoration and while organizing a kid's party it becomes a necessity. Kids love cartoon characters so why not decorate the background with cartoon-themed classy and colorful balloons. The addition of perfect pink and blue colors can enhance the party floor more elegantly too! So drive your kids and their friend to go crazy with the adornment of balloon décor this year to last memorable moments.
  2. BANNERS ARE MUST-HAVE: Nothing shouts louder than a stunning banner that wishes HAPPY BIRTHDAY and honors the special birthday person on their big day. The addition of banners for the decoration for kids' birthdays can be exciting while matching the birthday party theme. You can pick a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner of several colors or happy birthday foil balloon banners to accentuate the party wall space. To mark the special day and the celebration in a surprising way, banners are considered MUST-HAVE essentials for decoration.
  3. MAGICAL WORLD WITH ADDITION OF PARTY STICKERS: Party stickers are on-trend when we talk about kids' birthday decorations. For party decorations, kids just love stickers and anything about it. Get amazing stickers to match the birthday theme of your little ones. No matter whether you are considering matching the color, characters, or design of your kid’s birthday party decoration, the addition of stickers accordingly can make a grand difference to your celebration. While stickers are so much fun, they can also help encourage kids to learn and enjoy their special day. Transform the party vibe into a fun-filled vibe with the addition of stickers that go well with the theme.
  4. INSTA WORTHY BACKDROP WITH FOIL CURTAINS: Who would not love to create a magical backdrop that is worth capturing. The addition of foil curtains is considered an Instagram-centric installation that has been popping up across the country with everyone craving unique and memorable pictures and selfies too. Make sure your kid’s birthday party becomes everyone’s social media feed with the addition of an amazing backdrop that has all to do with foil curtains. Ranging from golden, silver, rose gold, pink, and many stunning colors, get inspired to make your kid’s special day a remarkable one with the addition of curtains that go perfectly well with their birthday party theme.
  5. PHOTOBOOTHS AND PROPS ARE ON TREND: Nothing goes wrong when you add these party essentials to your kid’s birthday decoration. Now that you very well know what party needs! More sparkle, creativeness, uniqueness, and a wow-factor. Glam up the backdrop with amazing photo booths that match almost any theme of your kid’s birthday decoration. How cute would it be to add some color to the backdrop that reminds us of the special day and also looks good side-by-side for a color block effect? You can also get some props that are curated uniquely to capture some memorable and fun-filled pictures together. From several props to a selection of colors, the addition of photobooths and props can make it an easy backdrop idea for the special day.
  6. CAKE DESERVES THE ROYALTY: Children are more excited about their special birthday cake than anything on their special day. Their sweet tooth craves a delicious cake that has been designed for them only. The addition of some elegant and classy cake decorations can be one of the next best ideas for your kid’s birthday decoration. Consider getting cake toppers and candles to make their day memorable. You can get numerical candles or some theme-inspired candles to adorn the cake while HAPPY BIRTHDAY cake toppers are so on-trend nowadays!
  7. BIRTHDAY ACCESSORIES: Some other kids' birthday party supplies that shouldn’t be missed and are helpful to be on your list are birthday caps, tiara, birthday sash, paper plates. Consider having comfortable birthday-themed caps for kids and their friends to make the moment more special and shout loud how happy as parents you are. For baby girls, tiaras can make them feel like the real princess of the day while birthday sash can make them feel more special. The addition of paper plates can be more thoughtful to manage the catering of the birthday.

Things to consider while planning kids’ birthday

A perfect kids birthday party requires perfect birthday planning! There are so many things that you should never miss out on while you consider throwing a birthday bash for your little one. As we all know that, pre-planning can save your money, time, and composure for the special day and let you have fun. Considering the below listed essential thing is neither rocket science nor can bring any drawbacks.

So let us shed some light on what makes a birthday party a hit!

    1. Consider the budget: One of the essential things while planning any event (not only kids' birthday party) is you do not burn out your wallet! Chalk out how much you have in your hand to spend on food, venue, gift, kids’ birthday decoration, and miscellaneous. Consideration of your spending can lead you to be careful to figure what can be managed and what needs to be dropped.
    2. Consideration of Theme: Make sure to consider what the theme will be while planning a birthday party for your kid. The theme then further decides all your essentials to organize the party ranging from invitation, outfit for the day, kids birthday decoration, and food of course. If the party is not a surprise party, you can consider your kid to choose the theme they want!
    3. Consideration of Venue, date, time, and Guests: Another important aspect while planning your kid’s birthday celebration is the consideration of the venue and guest list. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can book a venue, resort, hotel, restaurant, or even hold a party at your house! After the venue is decided, consider the date and time which is convenient for everyone. Make a guest list and consider who all will be invited to your kid’s special day.
    4. Kid’s birthday decoration: One of the most essential aspects of throwing a birthday party is to enjoy the day to the fullest and make some amazing memories. Your kid's day can be special only when their special day accompanies great decoration for kids' birthdays. Consider adding amazing birthday decorations according to the theme. From the addition of balloons, banners, curtains, lights to several props, there are so many creative ways to adorn the space.
    5. Menu of the Day: While planning your kid’s special day, make sure the food is moderately spicey and served fresh. You can go for the menu that best suits your kid and their friends so that they can enjoy the delicacies. Make the menu simple yet delicious.
    6. Special Customized Cake: While party themed-cakes are so much on trend nowadays, just go for a customized cake for your kid. Kids love cake and a customized themed cake can bring that million-dollar smile to their faces. Do not miss out on adorning your cake with some toppers and candles to blow.

    Why Choose NJ?

    Imagine the party of your dream for your kids and make it real with NJ! Find everything that you are looking for for your perfect event. We believe that every kid is special and their birth is more special for us and as parents for you too! We curate the most attractive, huge variety of party decorations at a reasonable price and of great quality. Our main focus is quality over quantity for which our team has been working dedicatedly to deliver the same. The party essentials at NJ are made of high-quality material, keeping in mind its durability and easy-to-install.

    At NJ, we believe that a small get-together or a large one and the addition of a bottle of bubbly can call time for celebration and we are here to make the occasion happen more often and easily with our best services. We know how much you love throwing a memorable party for your loved and this is the reason why we feel honored to help your turn your special day into memory. We are ahead of all the party trends and have so many ideas for your party themes that will for sure spread smile among our customers. We also offer delivery options no matter whether it is last minute need of yours! While the firm has grown over the years, we have been helping families and our customers have a blast celebration of all kinds.

    We feel beyond fortunate that we get an opportunity to celebrate your special day more stylishly. We tend to bring joy and happiness to your kids and families with our party essentials to make the memories a lasting one.

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